Gear Up For Your Wedding with These Top Suit Trends

Top Suit Trends

Planning a wedding is an adventure that’s exciting and exhilarating. After all, your wedding is a momentous lifetime occasion that can impact your life forever. It is totally understandable why you would painstakingly prepare all the intricate details such as your wedding suits, reception venue, food, wedding music, souvenirs, and more.

As a distinguished groom, you are financially ready to handle the expenses for this big day. You are not just prepping for the wedding day itself, but all your efforts are invested in preparation for the rest of your lives as a married couple. Of course, you want to dress your best for this pivotal moment that you and your bride will remember for the rest of your lives. All eyes will be glued to the bridal gown, but you must also put a lot of effort to turn a few eyes into your corner. Consider the following suit trends below as they may tickle your fancy for your forthcoming wedding:

The Dashing Double

A double-breasted waistcoat is a significant wedding trend that has been a traditional choice since time immemorial. One of the most famous celebrities to don this look is David Beckham during the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan Markle. This choice will undoubtedly turn all eyes on you as it is a timeless classic that gives you a distinct aura. There is nothing tackier than an ill-fitting suit, so make sure you get a waistcoat that fits well for an overall seamless and sophisticated look. 

The Tasteful Tweeds

This tweed wedding suits trend is not the same as what your old boring professor used to wear. Because relaxed weddings with a rustic, bohemian, and outdoor theme are so popular in these modern times, you need an equally comfy and chill suit to match your wedding venue. Top Suit Trends

It is critical to match the vibe of your wedding. Tweed is the perfect solution to these unique themes because it is less formal, but it does not sacrifice the air of grace and respect. You can apply this tweed trend on waistcoats, suits, and flat caps. Be sure that the color of your tweed goes well with your wedding motif. You don’t want your tweed pattern choice to clash with the rest of the entourage.

The Classic Tail Suits 

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This tail suit is also fondly known as the morning tail suit. It is a slim-fitting lounge suit that accentuates your perfect V-shape. It skims your body effortlessly while grazing those slim hips that show off your excellent form. These classic tail suits exude a timeless elegance that will perfectly match the beautiful gown of your bride. With this style, there is no cravat in sight. This morning suit is best paired with traditional waistcoats and a slim trouser to help you exude a gentleman’s vibe. 

The Delectable Dinner Suit

Some people refer to this dashing suit as a tuxedo, tux, dinner jacket, or evening wear. Whatever name you decide to tag this suit with, one thing is sure; this is one of the most elegant outfits out there that you can wear for a wedding. It is commanding, rich in style, and perfectly suited for black-tie occasions. If you want to have an eye-popping suit, you can even pick this in elegant red instead of the standard black. 

Whatever suit trend you decide to select for your wedding, one thing is clear. Never scrimp on the quality of the fabric and the cut of your chosen suit. Make sure you extend your patience and attend all your custom suit fittings because you do not want to look like a hanger for your shapeless wedding suit on your big day. Suiting up for this once in a lifetime event shows that you are eager and proud to say your “I Do.” 

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