Getting Fit Is About Making The Right Choices

getting fit is about making the right choices

Decisions, decisions, everything in life is about making the right decisions. Will you have the salad or the getting fit is about making the right choicesburger? Do you prefer spending your holiday at the beach or in the mountain? Do you have a sweet tooth or are you a lover of savory flavors? In everything lies a decision to take. Fitness is one of those things where a bad decision can have dramatic effects. Unfortunately, it is difficult to have an educated guess about your own fitness program. After all, there is such a variety of choices in terms of workouts and diet that it seems almost impossible to know what should and would work for your specific situation. This is because you need to apply some common sense to your fitness decision. Common sense tends to be too easily pushed aside by things such as trends, magazines, advertising and price discounts. So before it is too late, it is time for you to consider the options you have when it comes to your fitness goals and how to pick the ones that are best suited for your needs.

Take the right decision

Choose The Right Fitness Program

You only need to search on your favorite search engines the best fitness programs to receive in less than the second thousand of answers for you to choose from. It can be tricky to take the right pick! And it is quite overwhelming, to say the least. For a start, let’s go back to basics. As a rule of the thumb, most effective fitness programs tend to combine elements of cardio to work on your endurance and elements of strength to work on your muscles. This is exactly why workouts that mix cardio training and weight lifting are so appreciated by those who are looking to maintain their shape or to lose weight. Indeed, the combination of exercises enables you to create a torch effect that lets your muscle burn more calories long after you’ve finished training. If you don’t want to look for anything too complex, you can register to your local gym and begin your training with a simple circuit. Gym studios are the best place to start if you have no problem working on your own on the fitness gears that are available. But if it’s not your cup of tea, there are a few alternatives.

   Lean And Deep Muscle Work

Not everyone likes to run on the treadmill along other people to lose weight. More and more individuals – especially women but there are some men too – are looking for sports workouts to build a lean muscle structure and to train in depth without bulking out. For these people, yoga and pilates classes seem to be the best option. You can even find courses and DVDs that combine both activities, such as the PiYo workout from Chalene Johnsons. With a variety of materials to train with, you have a choice of price and quality. So don’t pick the first thing that you see! If you are worried about hurting yourself, or if you suffer from painful joints, you can achieve similar results with soft water activities such as swimming, aqua gym, and aqua yoga.

getting fit is about making the right choices

Yoga stretches the mind and the body

   You Want To Sweat It

If you are one for sweating the fat out, you probably want to feel each effort you are making. There is nothing wrong about it as long as you take good care of your body. Jogging is an effective way of training your muscles and your heart to become a leaner and a stronger you. Jogging and running have both benefitted from a renewal in trends, as a result, this is one activity for which you will always find cheap and effective tracking options, such as a running app. Whether they are free, or at a low cost, you can receive a feedback on your workout as well as professional advising to improve your performance. Jogging is one of the cheapest sports that you can practice. All you need is a pair of trainers. Another good sweating activity is kickboxing or boxing, which you don’t need to practice on a ring. You can find boxing classes that are using the movements as part of a workout without needing to simulate any fight. You can burn up to 800 calories per hour, so this is worth the effort.

   You Want To Tone Your Muscles Visibly

If you want to be able to observe the results of your efforts rapidly and to change the shape of your silhouette, you will need to add weight lifting to your workout. Indeed, while it takes a very long time for women to develop a bulky silhouette – so you don’t need to worry about lifting weights –, weight workouts can help you strengthen your muscles. It is important to note that one gram of muscle burns 3 calories to maintain itself, while one gram of fat needs only one calorie. Stronger muscles will help you to shred the fat faster. Don’t overdo it, though, if you want to keep a lean body.

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getting fit is about making the right choices

Weightlifting is good for you

Choose Wisely: Away From The Usual Mistakes

Like in every weight loss journey, this is not always an easy ride. There is a lot of effort to make and a lot of time to give. Often people who choose to lose weight are lacking patience and want to see immediate results. This is when most mistakes happen. The most common of all is to make short-term diet changes. Whether you choose to eliminate certain types of food, or whether you decide to eat smaller portions, if you don’t stick to it, you will not be able to see any durable result. It is a known fact that putting on weight is a long journey and so is losing it. So you need to make a conscious decision to stick to your diet or your workout for long enough to see the first results. As an example, you will need to burn 3,500 calories for every pound of fat that you want to get rid of. 3,500 calories require a lot of work, so avoid the second top mistake which is to give up too early. Last, but not least, losing weight is naturally about exercising and changing your diet. There’s no point eating less or healthier food if you don’t train your body to build up a muscle shape.


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