Getting the Most Out of a Studio Apartment

Although studio apartments are generally viewed as starter homes, they’re also the preferred living spaces for a fair number of established adults – especially in larger cities. While it’s true that the average studio apartment offers less space than its multi-bedroomed counterparts, there are many creative measures occupants can take to make the most of their compact residences. Whether you’re just getting your start or have resided in a studio apartment for most of your adult life, the following tips can help you maximize your limited space to the fullest. 

studio apartment

Seek Out Multipurpose Furnishings

It should come as no surprise that studio apartments generally don’t contain much room for furniture. Space in these apartments is often very limited, and since furniture tends to eat up a great deal of it, you’d be wise to put genuine thought into your furniture choices. When shopping around for the right furnishings, make a point of considering multipurpose options. For example, instead of purchasing a couch and a bed, you can split the difference by investing in a good futon or folding couch. Not only are such purchases economical, but they can also prove invaluable in your quest to save space. Additionally, with the help of a good foam mattress topper, even the most basic mattress can offer luxurious comfort.

Of course, your multipurpose furniture options are limited to bed/couch combinations. When seeking out the right table, look for one that doubles as a reliable desk. If you often work from home, this can be a particularly important purchase. Furthermore, in your search for the right television cabinet, keep an eye out for options that offer ample storage space. This will ensure that any cable boxes, videogame consoles or media players you own can be efficiently stored in one spot.   

Look for Tall Shelving 

Staying organized without the aid of shelving is virtually impossible. From books to videogames to important documents, people depend on shelves to hold an extensive variety of items. However, for many studio apartment residents, traditional shelving may not be an option. While a fair number of shelves deliver in the width department, this can actually be a detriment to residents of smaller living spaces. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that studio apartment residents can’t have efficient shelving. 

When searching for the right shelving for your studio apartment, look for options that emphasize height over width. A tall shelf can offer just as much storage space as a wide shelf – said space will just be distributed differently. In addition, opting for height over width will free up space for more shelving – or any other furnishings you wish to add to the mix. This same principle applies to desks as well. For example, if you’re in the market for a new computer desk, look for options with attached shelving, as this will enable you to store external hard drives, printers, scanners, and other PC accessories within a single space.     

Be Mindful of Frivolous Purchases 

Since we live in a relentless consumer culture, it’s only natural that most of us make frivolous purchases on a near-constant basis. With so many brands vying for our attention around the clock, there’s little wonder as to why impulse-buys are so common. Additionally, with the online shopping experience more convenient than ever, a few simple clicks are all it takes to get your hands on the hottest products. 

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If you have space (and finances) to accommodate an abundance of possessions, there’s not much incentive to practice self-control, but studio apartment residents typically don’t have this luxury. After all, if you give in to every urge to purchase something new, your studio apartment will become unmanageably cluttered in no time. With this in mind, take the time to think about each potential purchase you’re tempted to make and consider how this item stands to affect the space situation.

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Studio apartment living certainly isn’t for everyone. If you value copious free space and can’t live without ample personal effects, a larger living space is probably more along the lines of what you need. However, as a growing number of renters are coming to realize, living in a studio apartment isn’t nearly as cramped or uncomfortable as movies, television series and other popular media make it seem. By tempering your expectations a bit, making smart furnishing choices and practicing mindfulness regarding new purchases, you can live a comfortable life in a well-organized studio apartment.  


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