Gifts for the Hunter in the Family

meat grinder image

meat grinder image

Gifts for the Hunter in the Family

Years ago I got my husband a meat grinder for Christmas. I know- appliances aren’t the best gifts for women but sometimes you would be surprised that an appliance for your husband, or father; would be. We have processed our own deer since my sons started hunting and I have to say I am thankful for Deni 3500 800-Watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder. Pictured above.

We used it to make venison hamburger and burger for beef jerky. It is easy to put together and clean up! So when I saw it was on sale I just had to share that you could save $99 on this great, useful product.

So then say you want to make your own jerky. You don’t have to have venison as we use; you can use hamburger, turkey burger or steak (your choice). This gun is a bit fancier than ours but if you want to just try something out- click my link to this gun and you can find a few others cheaper. Weston Original Jerky Gunjerky gun image

This gun is normally $49.99 but you can get it on sale for $33.06.  This one has more accessories to it for the price its a great one.

Of course, you will need a dehydrator or 2 depending on how big of a batch you are doing. (or the person you are getting these gifts for).  So you will want to invest in one of these:

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A Range of Dehydrators to Choose From:dehydrator image Prices range from $29.99 to over $200.00, just depends on your needs. Dehydrators are also great for veggies, fruits, potpourri and more!

You would also be surprised; you may find making something like this will make some memories as well as some quality family time!

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