Heading Out for the Day – 5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

Heading out for the day - 5 things I never leave home without

There’s nothing I love better than the opportunity to spend the entire day with family, and during the summer months, I get to experience family time in the glorious sunshine and spend entire days and warm summer evenings enjoying every moment. 

Heading out for the day with the grandkids means that I need to do a lot of planning in advance; where we’re going to go, how we’re going to get there and what activities can we do to keep everyone happy and entertained. I also need to make sure I’m ready for every eventuality and my day bag is where I keep all the things I need to help the day run as smoothly as possible. Read on for my top 5 things I never leave home without.

My sun protection kit

It’s imperative that we protect ourselves and the little ones from the suns harmful rays, so I also carry a high factor sun cream, hats for myself and the children as well as eye protection. There are so many ways you can protect your eyes and invest in your eye health, from blue light protection glasses, for when you’re using screens all day – you can find out more here – to wearing sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV and UVB rays. It’s all about preserving our vision and keeping yourself safe in the sun. So don’t risk it! Plan ahead and make sure you have a sun protection kit to hand. 


Never underestimate a small child with a rumble in their tummy. It’s enough to turn a lovely day out into a complete nightmare! To stop this from happening, I always keep a little stash of snacks with me. Things like fruit, cereal bars, crackers, breadsticks and of course water are simple snacks you can take with you anywhere and keep those hunger pangs at bay!


Not everywhere takes card payments yet. So it’s a great idea to have a little spare change in your purse for those impulse purchases, like ice creams, buckets, and spades, a kite to fly at the beach or even an activity like crazy golf! 

Spare clothes

It doesn’t have to be a whole wardrobe, just the basics. An extra set of underwear, t-shirt and shorts should be enough, and I always make sure I have a spare towel in the car too. Whether their whole ice cream has melted down their front, or they’ve gotten a little too enthusiastic in the ocean and gotten soaked, spare clothes can save the day, and prevent a soggy and uncomfortable ride home. 

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Hand sanitizer

Whether it’s sand or sea water, they’ve used a dirty toilet with lackluster hand washing facilities or they’re just being kids – dirty hands mean germs and bacteria. While a bit of bacteria is good for children, if they’re about to eat then it’s always best that their hands are clean and sanitary. Which is why I don’t leave home without a little bottle of hand sanitizer and some wipes. Perfect for wiping away the grime before they tuck into their lunch! 


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