Hiring A Coffee Van For Your Next Event

Coffee Van

Coffee mobile van services are just but one of the many examples of how mobile catering has changed in recent years. No longer are we just expecting the same old culinary and beverage experiences; we want different and bespoke choices. Quality coffee offered on-the-go is just one of those revolutions.

Mobile catering’s general increase in popularity has a lot to do with the street food revolution felt in the US over the past few years. There has also been a big increase in the number of events across the country. Irrespective of the occasion – whether community or corporate – these events are only made better and more memorable with an adequate provision of food and drink. But the mobile chip shop or burger van has competition in today’s world – sushi vans, vegetarian and vegan delicacies, and even mobile spit roasts are becoming a common sight at events all across the US. 

Included amongst these new types of mobile catering are a quality mobile coffee van and mobile coffee pop-up stalls. People love coffee. And caffeine, whether in the form of filter or espresso hot drinks, can help people stay alert, energized and active. What other food or drink can possibly provide such a positive impact for an event organizer who is looking for ways to keep people engaged at their festival, conference or event?

What about weddings?

A wedding is a different story altogether. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion that has personal meaning for all those involved in the day. Would a pop-up cafe, coffee stall or mobile van fit in with this?

The answer is a resounding yes. Many couples have realized the importance of having catering alternatives to pop-up bars and alcoholic beverages. Not just because of the fact that it helps make attending non-drinkers feel included, but because mobile coffee carts can offer a bespoke experience that helps make your wedding day just that more memorable. 

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A coffee van service can include napkins, cupcakes, and coffee or espresso cups that come adorned with your names or a custom wedding day message to your guests. It’s also worth going for a service whereby you have control over the coffee served, as there are some really great brands today, like Kopi Luwak. Not only that, but you can also get the services of a professional cafe barista to help deliver terrific tasting coffee too. 

When it comes to your wedding day, you don’t want anything to be sub-par. So why settle for the standard, bland tea and coffee arrangements when you can have ethically-sourced coffee that has been lovingly hand-picked for its taste? Also, since the big day can start early in the morning for both you and your loved ones, what better way to wake guests up than with a tray of quality espresso shots? A great coffee and espresso business offering mobile, pop-up services can really help perk up your wedding with coffee-inspired ideas.

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