How Can I Draw My Own Route on Google Maps?


Google Maps is best known for its ability to provide turn-by-turn directions conveniently, but it has a feature that most people need to learn. You can create maps on which you can draw routes, lines, and shapes. The maps can then be saved or given to other people. It’s a helpful way to plan a trip ahead of time or share driving directions with someone who doesn’t have internet.

You may use the tools included in Google Maps to create a route on a map and store it for future reference; you can access it whenever you want to, and you can also share a link to it with other people as a direction planner.

Google Maps’ Custom Route Creation is Done in Two Steps

First, Create a New My Maps Map and Add a Custom Route Both Directions are Below:

1. Browse to Google Maps and ensure you are logged in to your Google Account before exploring.

2. At the top-left corner of the screen, look for the menu icon that looks like three horizontal lines.

3. Make your selections for your places using the menu that drops down.

4. In the top menu, under Maps, select the Create Map button. On a new tab or window, you’ll find your personalized map.


5. Give your map a title and some notes by clicking Untitled Map in the upper left.

6. Click the Save button to confirm.

Google Maps Enables You to Create a Customized Version of Your Route

With the map in hand, the next step is to plot out your travel itinerary.

1. To get started, click the Add instructions option that’s located below the search bar. Doing this action will result in adding a new directions layer to the menu situated to the left of the screen.

2. Click on the icon labeled “Drive,” which is located under the new map layer, to choose your mode of transportation.

3. In the text box labeled “A,” type in the location from where you will depart.

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4. Type your final destination into the B input field.

5. Google will generate a route for you automatically. Then, to alter the final destination, simply click and drag the line.


6. Your personalized route will be instantly uploaded to Google Drive.

Make a Game Plan Gratitude to Google Maps

The functionality of Google My Maps on mobile devices is restricted, and it is impossible to navigate in real time on individualized maps created using the service. Despite this, it is an outstanding tool for planning and a terrific method for creating one’s own unique routes. It’s just one of the many things that make Google Maps so helpful in getting about and discovering new places.

These enhancements simplify finding one’s way around town or the globe. Since we rely so heavily on Google Maps, it’s great to see useful new features being added regularly.

Besides trying out these new features, you should also check out Google Maps’ hidden, secret tricks.

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