How To Add the Right Music to Fit Your Video

When it comes to sharing video content, and the pursuit of virality, adding music to perfectly complement your visuals is more important than you’d at first imagine. 

Think about how you personally consume video content, and the sheer amount of content that you view in any given day, and then consider what it takes to stand out from the crowd and how one goes about achieving true virality. 

Making the jump from an audience that relates to your own social media circle to a larger crowd requires a great deal of effort and the musical accompaniment to your video is incredibly crucial. 

When it comes to the selection of music, or effects, itself you have to consider what type of video content you are producing. 


This can range from a standard dance craze video post, the kind that floods your TikTok feed, to serious documentary based footage, the kind that may be more prevalent across your YouTube page.

Finding the right musical soundtrack for your posts is hugely important and you may well learn this the hard way. The wrong musical arrangement for your video will stand out starkly, in many ways even more so than if you have the perfect track across your video.

Luckily locating the right sounds for your video is getting easier all the time, as more players enter the royalty free music market, the more options you have when it comes to signing-up with a provider. 

On the subject of signing up to a subscription service it’s worth noting that doing so will be far more financially viable than paying on a case by case basis. Not least as signing up to a subscription service leads to a fuller service being available to you.

Music Libraries are the Key

Music libraries offer a vast array of options when it comes to pairing sounds to your videos and the way these libraries are offered to users has become something of an artform in itself. 

Seriously intuitive systems have made it very easy to locate the right sounds and effects to your visuals. Tagging algorithms help you to dig deeper into the millions of files so that you can search out the perfect ones for your video.

The fact that sites have simplified the process, especially to those who are signed up subscribers, has made the process behind how to add music to a video a fairly painless enjoyable procedure. 

The pursuit of virality is, for most, tied to a desire to financially benefit from your social media channel, and this aspiration is a very tough one to achieve, especially given the seemingly limitless size of the market.

Money to be Made

There is of course money to be made by becoming a leading influencer or key social media provider, and it’s that aim that should be taken into account when it comes to justifying the relatively low cost of a subscription to a music provider.

User generated content continues to take a substantial bite out of the commercial sector when it comes to the size of the overall market and that is only going to grow and you’ll need to adapt in order to survive. 

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UGC Market Continues to Grow

What we watch and the way we watch it has changed so much, especially in recent years, and as an audience we have become far more interested in what you might term ‘real’ media that’s produced by individuals and not production companies.

This is partly due to the fact that making your own video based product has become easier, and the output itself far more professional in appearance, and partly down to the fact that we are in many ways more entertained by the short-form nature more commonly associated with the medium.

Watching longer, series driven, productions (beyond the mass appeal you might find on Netflix or Amazon Prime) is somewhat old hat, and now a greater proportion of our viewing comes direct from devices that are clearly better suited to shorter forms of content.

Now, if you are an individual hoping to ride the train to UGC success, every part of your production needs to be pitch perfect.

That means when it comes to the musical aspect of your videos you can’t be found wanting. You have to take advantage of the tools offered to you, otherwise your end product could well come across as amateurish and irrelevant.

Indeed in the current lockdown climate this is even more relevant as users are finding new and exciting ways to adapt their content to the restrictions we find ourselves in, being creative in order to thrive has become more important than ever.

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