How to Choose the Right Elliptical Machine for Workout at Home


In today’s modern fitness industry, there are many equipment innovations. Some of these tools can have a galvanizing effect on the process of building a lean muscle body type. One of those popular gym machines is the various cross trainers. After all, they represent an indivisible part of every cardio exercises while protecting your knees and joints.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with some tips about how to choose the ideal elliptical machine.

Room Space

The first notable element that you will need to consider is the available room area in your home. On that note, it is important to emphasize that some models are bigger and require more space.

For example, there are some recommendations that the body length to be between 4 to 7 feet. It is recommended to have at least 2 feet space on either side. That will ensure a proper pedal motion.

However, these recommendations are just basic guidelines. And every model has different space requirements.

Your Budget

The second notable element before making a decision is closely related to your funds. And that can be a key aspect in deciding on buying any piece of home gym equipment. If you on the market for a long term solution, the average prices for new models can vary from $600 to $3,000.


Another important aspect that needs to be considered is closely related to the spectrum of features. Therefore, you will have the pay attention if your desired model has these features:

  • Low Noise
  • Comfort
  • Adjustable Resistance & Incline

Elliptical Styles

The next factor that needs to be considered is the position of the drive system. In this regard, it is imperative to analyze the positive aspects and the downsides of each design.

For example, the front-drive design is based on a large front wheel that is placed at the front part of the machine. This is also known as the basic design and after a certain time, they tend to become noisy.

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Another option is the center-drive style which is based on a similar concept as the treadmill. It offers smooth movement and is solid, simple and save space.

Furthermore, the rear-drive can be a good option. It is based on a smaller wheel housing is located behind the pedals, making these the longest design. The pedals may be on a track-and-roller that allows for an incline. Some use a suspended arm system instead and offer the smoothest workout.


Another element that needs to be considered is the level of safety. On that note, the options for a warm-up and cool-down periods are paramount for every machine. In the same time, it should have a proper balance. Including stable handrails and a good console system.

The Bottom Line

All in all, buying a home elliptical machine can be a confusing and challenging process. After all, there is a broad spectrum of options available. From the basic machine for a standard aerobic workout to the ones that offer more intensive workouts.  But whichever is your pick, it is important to follow these main benchmarks that will help you to make the best decision possible.

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