How To Clean Your Hair Dryer The Right Way

When was the last time you cleaned your hair dryer? You use your hairdryer on a weekly basis, but in order to keep it working, you need to ensure you’re looking after it well. And while you don’t have to clean it after every use, it should be happening every so often. But do you know how to clean it properly? 

In this article, we’ll explain how to clean your hair dryer properly to keep it in working order. 

Is it Necessary to Clean My Hair Dryer?

It might not seem like something that needs to be high up on your priority list, but just like every other appliance, your hair dryer does need regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. 

Hair dryers work by sucking air through the grill at the back and then through a filter. The air is then heated and blown through the front of the hair dryer. Over time, dust, debris, hair and other products will also be sucked in and accumulate around the air vents and filter. When the air vents and filters have buildup, a few things tend to happen:

The Hairdryer may be Less Effective

The buildup of dust and debris on your hair dryer will block the airflow, so it won’t deliver as much force. Therefore, it’s going to take you longer to dry your hair, you’ll use more electricity, and you expose your hair to heat for longer, which makes the risk of damaging your hair very possible.

The Hairdryer Could Overheat

Having your hairdryer not performing as well as it should is the least of your worries when it has a blockage because when the debris prevents the air from escaping, your hair dryer can overheat. When your hair dryer gets too hot, it can cause more damage to your hair, such as dryness or breakage. 

The more serious issue with a blocked and overheating hairdryer is that it becomes a safety hazard as it has the potential to start a fire. 

How Often Should I Clean My Hair Dryer?

The answer to how often your hairdryer should be cleaned really depends on how frequently it’s used. Some people can’t go a day without using their hairdryer, and it’s an essential part of their routine. Then, you get the people who will use it on odd occasions when they need their hair to dry faster. Some households only use one hairdryer, while others may have a hairdryer for every individual. 

Hair dryers that are used frequently will need to be cleaned more often as they will generally experience a buildup of hair and debris more than the hair dryer that gets used on the odd occasions. Hairdryers that are used by multiple people or are used every week should be cleaned at least once a month. 

However, if your hair dryer starts to feel hotter than usual, it takes longer to dry your hair, or you hear or smell something strange when using it, these are signs that it’s time to clean the filter immediately. 

How to Clean Your Hairdryer

Cleaning your hair dryer may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it really doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get it done. Once you do, it’ll feel like you have a brand-new hairdryer. Here’s how to go about cleaning your hairdryer the right way. 

Have the Right Cleaning Equipment

First things first, you need to check the instructions of your hair dryer, as different brands and models will have different cleaning requirements. This is so important to check because some hairdryers have a self-cleaning feature, and you don’t want to mess with something when it could potentially break it.

Some things you may need to clean your hair dryer may include: 

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  • A small brush or toothbrush to dislodge debris
  • A screwdriver (for removing the back cover)
  • A mild detergent or rubbing alcohol
  • A clean, dry cloth for wiping it down
  • Cotton buds for thorough cleaning
  • Replacement parts

Unplug and Cool

You need to be as safe as possible, unplug your hair dryer, and let it cool down before you attempt to start cleaning it. Hair dryers can get incredibly hot, and seeing this step can help prevent electrocutions and burns. 

Remove the Hairdryer Filter

Locate the filter on the back of the hair dryer, and if necessary, remove it from the appliance using a screwdriver. Be vigilant and lay down a towel or cloth, as the tiny screws may pop out and fall to the ground. Place your hair dryer filter somewhere safe and close by. 

Remove All the Dust and Debris 

Now it’s time to remove the blockages caused by dust and debris, so you’re going to use the brush or compressed air to get rid of any buildup inside the hairdryer. For a thorough cleaning, you can try cleaning your hairdryer with cotton buds and a small brush. 

Once the inside is clean, you can clean the filter. How you clean the filter depends on if it’s removable or not. If it can be removed, take it off and gently wash it with some mild detergent. For a filter that can’t be removed, use the small brush to manually remove dirt and debris. 

Wipe Down the Exterior of Your Hair Dryer

When waiting for the filter to finish drying, give the outside of your hair dryer a good wipe-down using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Ensure it tries properly before reassembling and using it, as any moisture can cause electrical damage. 

Final Thoughts

The process of cleaning your hair dryer is generally quick and relatively easy. Don’t wait for it to look like an antique before you decide to give it a clean. Regular cleaning will keep your hair dryer in the best condition, which allows you to dry and style your hair without the risk of hair damage, high electricity bills and even fires. 

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