How To Keep Your Utility Bills Low This Winter

How To Keep Your Utility Bills Low This Winter

The holidays aren’t the only reason winter tends to be tough on the average wallet. Shorter daylight hours and plummeting temperatures mean more money spent on energy costs as well, so it literally pays to know a thing or two about how to keep those bills as low as possible. Thankfully, you don’t have to come up with the cash for expansive renovations or equipment upgrades. Even little changes to how you do things can add up to big savings. The following are some great examples.

Dress Warmly

While no one would even dream of going outside in the middle of winter without bundling up first, many people simply wear whatever they like when they’re indoors and count on the heating to keep them comfortable. Reaching for seasonally appropriate clothing in the wintertime instead of t-shirts and tank tops doesn’t cost a thing, but it’s easily one of the most effective ways to save money on energy costs during the colder months. Plus, fluffy socks, extra blankets, and soft sweaters help add to the cozy feeling that can make winter such a wonderful time of year.

Cut Back Where You Can

Even small tweaks to how and when you use energy in your home can add up to huge utility savings, especially over the course of an entire winter. Start by keeping your thermostat as low as you can while still maintaining your personal comfort. Even a few degrees lower than the norm can really reduce your energy bill, especially if you don’t simply make up the difference by running a space heater. Dialing things down even lower when you’re sleeping or while no one’s home will save you even more of your hard-earned cash. Do the same with lights and appliances as well.

Be Resourceful With Heat

The colder the winter, the more you stand to save on your utilities with a little clever thinking. Open the curtains and coverings of windows that receive direct sunlight during the day to bring as much of the sun’s warmth into your home as possible. Close them again when the sun moves away and after dark to prevent as much heat loss as possible. Try keeping your oven door open a crack after baking or roasting your favorite winter foods as well. This causes that heat to redistribute itself to your kitchen and nearby spaces, which in turn lets your heating system take it a little easier.

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Use Your Ceiling Fan

If you have ceiling fans installed anywhere in your home, you should know that they’re good for a lot more than keeping those rooms cool in the summertime. Running one on a low setting in a counterclockwise direction during the winter helps push warm air back down into the room where it can do the most good and stop your heating from working harder than it has to.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to save money on your winter energy costs. It’s all in the little decisions you and your family make daily. Get started today, and prepare to save!

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