How to Make a Lemon Drop Shot

When you are going to host any type of party or event, having a lineup of fun drinks and dishes to serve is always a good idea. One drink that almost anyone will enjoy is a lemon drop shot. These are sweet and tasty shots that are easy to take down and can help create a fun and energetic environment. When you are looking to serve this drink, following the right instructions is important. For those wondering how to make a lemon drop shot, there are various tips and steps that are easy to follow.  

Gather Your Ingredients

Whenever you are going to host any type of event or party, you will want to know that you have all of the ingredients gathered before you start mixing drinks. A lemon drop shot is a relatively easy drink to make and does not require too many ingredients. To make this drink, you will need ice cubes, citrus-flavored vodka, lemon juice, syrup mix, and a lemon. Additionally, you will need to have a shaker, a spoon for stirring, and shot glasses.

Mix and Serve the Drinks

Once you have gathered all of the necessary ingredients, you can mix them together. Generally, you should aim for each serving to have about 1.5 ounces of the final mixed drink. The drink should be made up of about 2/3 of a part of vodka, half a part of lemon juice, and one-quarter of a part of syrup. All of these ingredients should be stirred and shaken in the shaker along with the ice, which will make them cool.

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Once you have mixed the drinks, they should be poured individually into shot glasses. You can then add a small slice of lemon wedge to the shot glass. By following similar instructions, you can also create a lemon drop martini.

What to Serve with a Lemon Drop

If you are going to mix up some lemon drops for your next party, thinking of some food to serve as well is a good idea. A lemon drop is a refreshing cocktail that is often served before or after a meal. If you are hosting a less formal party, having some light appetizers to go along with it can be a lot of fun. Some good additions to this can include a meat and cheese platter, chips and salsa, or crostini.

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If you are going to serve lemon drops as a refreshing end to a larger meal, there are various desserts that can be paired well with it. Some great desserts to consider include lemon sorbet or ice cream, a light pie, or even a celebratory cake.

The lemon drop drink has continued to be a popular beverage for the past 50 years. Since it was first introduced in the early 1970s, it has continued to be served as a refreshing and fun beverage. If you are looking to mix up a lemon drop, the process is quite simple. By following these instructions, you can create a great lemon drop shot that will provide your guests with a fun and refreshing beverage.

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