How to Make the Most of the New Year Celebration?

New year celebration

If you are traveling during the last weeks of December, two things are your priority, somewhere warm and somewhere you can participate in the new year’s celebration. Cities like Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Rio, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other Island states of the Southern Hemisphere offer you all of these luxuries with best hotels, easily available transport and new year celebrations, firework shows, and parties. All of them have great weather in December and January when North America, Europe and most of northern Asia are different variations of freezing, wet, with chilly winds blowing. Let’s explore some of the cities you can visit during your vacation.


It is the 50th state of America. A group of volcanic islands present in the deep Pacific. Hawaii is the most sort out holiday spot by North Americans within their own country but has increasingly become a sort out winter vacation spot by the rest of the world. People wanting to spend new year celebrations in warmer areas this is a definite destination. New year firework shows at the Waikiki Beach is the most famous display in the island state. Celebration parties held in Honolulu cannot be topped by any other across the island state. Live volcanoes which are open for viewing for tourist, giving a glimpse in the belly of the earth. The sort out attractions is its wide variety of National parks, which consist of canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes and beautiful bays. It is also home to Polynesian culture. The culture of indigenous people of islands of the Pacific Ocean. Hula Dance of Polynesian culture is its most iconic feature.


It’s the capital of Australia and the only western-style city in the East. Being near the south pole, it’s quite warm during the months of December and January. A coastal city is famous for its white-sand beaches. Perfect for sunbathing and getting rid of winter paler for northers. It has an Opera house shaped like a harbor which is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. The Harbor Bridge, which is famous for the beautiful firework show on new year eve in Sydney which can be seen from Sydney’s famous botanical gardens. New year’s eve celebrations start from 6 pm, and people start converging towards the harbor to witness the world-famous firework show. Sydney is a perfect city for westerns if they wish to spend their winter vacations somewhere familiar and warm by the sea. 


It is an island city-state. It is famous because it’s the busiest port in the world. It is one of the most family-friendly tourist spots. Singapore has new year celebrations, and firework shows at different spots in the city. However, the Firework show at Marina Bay is most famous and elaborate, while there are firework displays held across the city’s skyline. New year parties are held on many of the beaches and hotels.   Universal Studios there is the most sort out theme park in the East. Diversity is the strongest point of this island. People from all over the world have settled here, bringing their food along with them. Singapore street food is one of the most sorts of street food. Some street food vendors have even received Michelin stars. The botanical gardens and china town are other famous attractions of the city.  

Kuala Lumpur:

It is the capital of Malaysia. As it is close to the equator, the weather is always moderate and slightly wet. KLCC Park is your go-to place on New Year’s Eve. It is next to the KLCC shopping center and other high rises. Which are all fully lit at New Year’s Eve. Concerts are held in the park while the fireworks display is held at midnight. Rooftop bars in high rises hold many new celebrations and parties. KLCC is the best area for celebrating your New Year’s Eve in the city. It has an excellent metro train system which makes moving about cheap and easy, with a metro station in KLCC so getting there is no trouble. The footpaths are great for pedestrians. The hotels are good at very affordable prices. It is known for its tasty local and continental food restaurants. Waterparks, hilly landscape, historical sites, KL has much to offer. 


Another city in the tropical region. Thailand’s tourism is mature and cheap, making it a top pick for vacations. Bangkok offers different options for New year’s celebration. If you want to witness the firework show and eat with your family, then the Central World Mall is your best option. If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in an exclusive venue; their rooftop bars and restaurants offer that. If you are with your friends and just want to party then go to RCA, that place has the best parties and clubs to spend the night away celebrating. Bangkok is also famous for its golden temples, statues of Buddha and King’s palace. The city is known for its street food, nightlife and affordable vacationing. It is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the region. Traveling anywhere in Thailand is pretty easy for even a newbie traveler. The tourism industry is well established, and the tourist is welcomed wholeheartedly. On top of that, they have many facilities available for tourists which help them from the airport to the hotel, anywhere they want to visit and back to the hotel.

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Rio De Janeiro:

It is the most visited city in Southern Hemisphere. It is very warm bordering on hot; coastal city. It offers a beautiful landscape with mountains running into the sea. The best spot is Copacabana beach.  Concerts of national and international bands are held all along the 4km long beach. Exclusive and public beach parties are held all through the night. Displays of local dances are held all along the beach.  A 14-minute-long firework show is held from 10 platforms in the seas at some distance from the beach. It is also famous for its towns running along the side of mountains, giving it a unique architecture. It is most famous for its festivals adorned with bright colors, dancers in flamboyant costumes and its loud musical culture Rio is a city with historical sites, modern metropolitan area, mountains, and sea, with warm local cultural experience 


There are many places you can go for the new year and also vacation in a warmer climate. The important bit is who you are going with family or friends or by yourself. What is your budget and what you want to experience? All these places offer a unique cultural experience while being tourist-friendly. So, have fun picking your favorite.  

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