How to Upcycle Your Old Truck

How to Upcycle Your Old Truck

In the course of delivering items and freighting all kinds of deliveries across the country, your truck will suffer wear and tear that might eventually make it rusty, worn, and redundant. While it may still run, it’ll be slower, less reliable, and less comfortable for your logistics business to operate – and as such, you may need to look at getting rid of your truck in favor of a newer model. Here, you’ll learn about upcycling and the ways in which you can sell on your old truck to get the cash you need to invest in a newer truck to fulfill your daily needs.

Look to Scrap

If your truck is going to be difficult to shift through a sale, you may have to look to scrapping and salvage options instead of heading onto the online truck-selling market. Whether your truck is damaged, broken, or simply too old to merit being bought, this is the option you should consider in order to retain some of the costs of the truck. 

If you want to sell your truck for scrap, the soundest piece of advice is to look for a salvage yard online that’s offering good, trustworthy deals on traded-in trucks. Search for salvage yards in Utah to find reliable traders that are happy to receive your truck for spares and repairs, and will pay handsomely for your vehicle in order for you to put that cash towards a new vehicle.

Selling Online

Your other option, if your truck is still functional but perhaps not fit for your purposes, is to find a way to sell your truck online. Sometimes, those who are regularly trucking on extremely long journeys across the states will find that an unreliable truck is more trouble than it’s worth: and others, doing shorter journeys, might find such trucks are fit for their own purposes.

You’ll have to price your old truck low in order to get interest from buyers, as those in the trucking trade are aware of the age, quality, and reliability of models, and are unlikely to have the wool pulled over their eyes in terms of the pricing. But, if you advertise right and honestly, you might find that your truck can be sold within a month – again, getting you the cash you need to invest in a better model.


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Your final option is to retire your truck from active duty and to find a way to upcycle it. However, this is not through selling as scrap or selling it entirely to a new owner but instead, finding creative ways to make use of it in your home, on your land, or for your company. 

Perhaps you will be able to convert your truck and its trailer into a kind of shed in your garden – somewhere you can retire to every now and then to work on DIY projects. Or, you can harvest the parts of the truck yourself, learning some engineering skills along the way, to get those most-valuable materials to sell. The choice is yours – be creative with your upcycling ideas.

These three options are the tried-and-tested ways to use an old truck that you no longer wish to use on the roads. 


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  • If you’re using an old truck for a restoration project, then upgrading and replacing old parts are essential. Change the stock parts, put on new accessories like tonneau covers, step bars, as well as new mount and balance tires. You can look for scrap if If the old truck will be used for salvaging the reusable parts.

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