Imperfection: Writing During Pregnancy



Imperfection: Writing During Pregnancy

Have you ever been pregnant? It’s an experience that you just cannot truly comprehend until

you experience it. Having gone through it once, I felt like I could write about it a little bit in

Imperfection. My pregnancy with my son actually inspired me quite a bit. I know that this is the

case with lots of female authors and have even heard about women writing their first book during

pregnancy and early newborn. I went a convention in February 2013 where an author admitted

to having written her first book right after her child was born during the time when she wasn’t

sleeping. Her delusions or hallucinations on lack of sleep spawned a massive novel that no

publisher would touch. After a lot of heartache, and well deserved sleep, she wrote a new novel

that was published shortly after.

I didn’t personally write during my first pregnancy, and I didn’t get into blogging really until I

had started sleeping again after he was born. Me on lack of sleep is not a pretty thing. When I felt

like I had my brain back, I started writing reviews for anything and everything, but eventually

settled on books primarily. This is when I decided to write my own book, after I had developed a

voice and writing style. Thanks to some wonderful authors and friends, I was able to put together

my first book in a very short amount of time.

So what does this have to do with writing during pregnancy? Well I found out this past April that

I am pregnant with my second child. I just happened to be smack dab in the middle of writing

my second book. I really didn’t expect it to make much of a difference when I found out. I had

plans to finish my second book by the end of April or May. Instead, I finished it in August. This

pregnancy revealed to me that every one is very different. I had the ideal time with my son, but

this time I started having morning sickness by five weeks and suffered near-migraines until 18

weeks. Every time I cracked open my laptop, I would get that familiar ache behind my eyes

forcing my brain to shut down. It has been a struggle to finish the second book when it had been

flowing so well beforehand, but it is finished now. My early pregnancy troubles seem to be

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finally going away. I fear that my second book will not be as good as the first simply because

pregnancy has a way of sucking the life right out of you leaving little available for creative

endeavors. The goal now is to keep chugging by diving head first into my third book in hopes

that I can get it finished before my January 2

Otherwise, it might be a while before I write coherent thoughts once I am trying to stay awake

with an infant and raise a toddler.

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About the Phaedra Seabolt

Phaedra Seabolt is the youngest of four and the only girl. She spent her childhood trying to be the best she could be at everything she did which drove her to attend college long enough to attain her master’s degree. Now she is a stay at home mom and happily married.


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