Is Brookhaven, Ga a Good Place to Live?

History shows that when John Evins came to the area in 1810 as the first European immigrant, there were already strong American roots in Brookhaven. People from Atlanta started moving to the Brookhaven, Ga., area in the first few decades of the 20th century to build second homes and weekend getaways. Not long after North Atlanta was made a city in 1924, country clubs and neighborhoods for people to live in began to be built there. The charter was thrown out in 1965, but the area’s population kept growing. In the 1980s, a MARTA station opened, and parts of Brookhaven were added to the National Register of Historic Places. In 2012, the town was incorporated again, this time as Brookhaven.

With the building of the Emory University medical complex and new housing developments, Brookhaven is growing quickly right now. Inside the city, there are many beautiful parks, and getting to Atlanta, which is only 15 miles to the south, is easy and quick. Giselle Washington is a professional football player, and Rebecca Chase Williams is a well-known journalist. Brookhaven is a neighborhood in Atlanta that has a great reputation. Brookhaven is a neighborhood outside of Atlanta’s central business district that is safe and good for families.

Cost of Living in Brookhaven

In general, how affordable is it to live in Brookhaven, Georgia? Brookhaven has higher-than-average housing costs. Brookhaven’s cost of living is 28% higher than the national average. On Brookhaven, you will invest the majority of your income in real estate. The cost of a home in Brookhaven is 84% higher than the rest of the country. Brookhaven’s median home sale price is $545,000, which comes out to about $225 per square foot.

Despite a 4% price increase and a 25% drop in days on market, competition in the Brookhaven real estate market is only moderate. The average time it takes to sell a house in Brookhaven is less than a month, and sellers typically lose less than 1% of their asking price. The current state of the real estate market makes Brookhaven, an Atlanta suburb, an appealing alternative for anyone looking to settle down. Many residents in Brookhaven are currently renting their homes. A rental housing alternative is desired by 48.2% of Brookhaven’s population. The monthly rent in Brookhaven is $1,205, which is 27% higher than the national average.

Local Areas in Brookhaven, Georgia

Whatever it is you’re seeking, you’ll find it if you live in Brookhaven, Ga.

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When visiting the Brookhaven area, we suggest lodging in either Brookhaven Village, North Brookhaven, or Lynwood Park. Peachtree Road may be the best bet for those looking for apartments in Brookhaven. The newer homes in North Brookhaven have a more traditional suburban vibe. Trails, parks, and the prestigious Peachtree Golf Club can all be found in the area. If you’re looking for a vibrant, multiethnic neighborhood, you won’t find a better option than Brookhaven Village. Lynwood Park is another great neighborhood in Brookhaven, and it holds a special place in African-American history and culture.

Weather in Brookhaven, GA

If you decide on living in Brookhaven, Ga., you will enjoy the heat, which is guaranteed to be present in Brookhaven at all times of the year. You’ll feel right at home there. The winters in Brookhaven are brisk but relatively brief, and the summers are muggy and oppressively hot. The beginning of May through the middle of June and late August through the middle of October are the best times to go exploring in Brookhaven. Temperatures that are higher than 82 degrees Fahrenheit are not uncommon throughout the summer in Brookhaven. The coldest month in Brookhaven is January, with average high temperatures averaging 49.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Put away your winter boots, because the city of Brookhaven only receives an annual snowfall of 2.64 inches on average.

Education in Brookhaven, GA

Public education in the Brookhaven area is administered by the DeKalb County School System. The city has a total of six schools to choose from: five public and one private. To the residents of Brookhaven, Kittredge Magnet School is the gold standard in education, with Montgomery Elementary School coming in as a close second. Brookhaven students outperform their Georgia peers on statewide assessments by a margin of 14 percentage points. The high school graduation rate in Brookhaven is 4% higher than the national average. The Brookhaven Library provides a wealth of free materials for patrons of all ages to use in their studies.

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Positions Available in Brookhaven, Georgia

There has been a yearly gain of almost 10.6 percent in the median income of a Brookhaven family, which now sits at $87,252. Residents of Brookhaven City or the people that are moving to Brookhaven, Georgia, are heavily concentrated in the healthcare and social support sectors, the hospitality and food service sectors, and the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors. The largest occupational groups in Brookhaven are those involved in management, business and financial operations, and sales. Young women between the ages of 25 and 34 make up a disproportionate share of Brookhaven’s poor population. Poverty in this context is defined as income at or below the federal poverty line, and it affects about 12.9% of Brookhaven’s total population.

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The average commute time for a resident of Brookhaven is 23.7 minutes, which is slightly lower than the national average. About 71% of visitors go there on their own dime. About 9 percent of commuters drive alone, while about 10 percent and a half take public transportation. Less than half of the homes in Brookhaven have access to two cars. Lots of people make the trip to Atlanta each day because it’s home to so many different industries. The distance between Brookhaven and Atlanta is 11 miles; if you wish to drive there, use the links below to receive directions.

Being a resident of Brookhaven Pros and Cons

  • Advantage: Wide Variety
  • Advantage: Strengthened financial independence.
  • Disadvantage: Greater expense of living

Is Brookhaven, Ga a Nice Place to Live?

It’s common knowledge that Brookhaven is a safe, family-oriented community with top-notch schools. The median income here is rather high, and the homes tend to be on larger lots than in other Atlanta suburbs. Due to this, it is safe to say that the area is quite prosperous. Brookhaven is an Atlanta suburb with a population of 54,727. Brookhaven, in DeKalb County, is one of the best places in Georgia to call home, so this is the most important reason if you choose to live in Brookhaven, Ga. Most residents in Brookhaven own their homes, and the community has a vibe that is between urban and suburban.

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