Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

Is Your Partner Cheating On You

The thought of a cheating spouse is excruciating, especially to partners who have been there for each other at all times. Cheating does not happen by mistake; it is sometimes well planned and executed. Mostly a cheating spouse will have hideout places where they meet with the person they are cheating with, or it might even occur right in your homes when you leave for work. The rate of infidelity among married couples has risen in the recent past statistics showing that most couples are not happy in their marriages. Hence, they look for other options outside their marriage. Cheating can cause a lot of damage to the partners both physically and emotionally. To ascertain if your partner is cheating on you when you have doubts, most people opt to hire a private investigator to follow every move of your partner without them knowing till they come up with evidence and file a report of the same.

Signs and behaviors of a cheating couple

Cheating is one of the significant reasons private investigators are hired; when a partner identifies some changes in their partner’s behavior from the way they treat them and address them, they can surely guess there is another person. To eliminate all the doubt private investigations are done. When you hire a private investigator, they will be looking for the following behavior change with their spouses  as a base for their case; these behavior changes are;

  •                 Changes in phone habits: cheating spouses are very selective with their phone calls. You will notice that when in the house, their phone keeps on ringing and every time they want to receive the call outside or privately, and they keep hiding their phones or keep them on silent mode or even switching them off every time they are in the house with their spouses. Changes in phone passwords regularly may also hint at a cheating partner.
  •                 Suspicious work routines: a most cheating couple from the statistics gives excuses with their work. A sudden change to working late and going outside town for work conferences. A private investigator will follow all the moves that a cheating partner makes. If it is staying late at work or even going to those outside town meetings, an investigator will follow them and try to get evidence that shows whether they are genuine with the reasons they give.
  •                 A distinct change in intimacy routines:cheating spouses drastically change how they used to show their affection to their loved ones; these changes may come with a lot of excuses to avoid showing affection to their partners. Reduced or no romance may give a hint to a cheating partner,
  •                 Change in image and appearance: change in how a person dresses, the types of cologne one uses and never used to before, body hygiene, and always keen on how they look as they leave the house to indicate that a partner is cheating. The change in appearance may be to please the other person or dress as to what the other person loves.
  •                 Internet use and passwords:a cheating spouse is very secretive with the password they use to login into their accounts and keeps on deleting their browser history to erase any evidence. Most of the cheating spouses will even purchase the security features for their devices so that no one can access them without their consent.
  •                 Aggressiveness and interests change: a cheating spouse is often aggressive to their partners, showing no interest in them. At times, they will question every move they make to start a fight, and sometimes it becomes even physical, which is a clear indication that a person is cheating.

Reasons for hiring a private investigator?

There are many reasons why a couple may wish to hire a private investigator. Cheating is not the only option where a couple may inquire about a PI’s services; there are other reasons such as property, divorce cases, and even security issues. There are many private investigators, but you need to do a background check of their recent cases and their success performance rates to source for a well-trained private investigator. The court of laws well acknowledges private investigators for they are usually unbiased, and their proof and evidence will stand in court. Reasons why one should hire a well-trained private investigator are;

  •                 They are well conversant with the law, and they cannot overstep the right of the person they are investigating.
  •                 They conduct background checks before they start on a case.
  •                 Their case is usually based on the evidence they gather.
  •                 They have experience in operating privately without raising the alarm.
  •                 They handle all types of cases with complexity and efficiency.

What private investigation service consists of?

Investigation services will vary depending on the client’s need and the type of private investigator to use. Spousal investigations may arise from the different aspects of fighting over property, divorce cases, and the major one being cheating. A private investigator’s services will have steps that they follow from the inception to the completion of an issue. A private investigator will work closely with the client who has hired them to do the work giving clear information to come up with conclusive evidence that leaves no questioning gaps. The services of the private investigation will consist of the following;

  •         An in-depth discussion with the client: before a private investigator commences with their pursuit, they engage the clients to give a history of the person in question, including all the joints he goes to, the friends they hang with and all their hobbies and interests, this information helps the PI to conduct their investigations. The private investigator may even ask for pictures of the person in question. The private investigator works under set standards with at most respect and confidentiality.


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  •         Strict surveillance:a private investigator now gets to track the person in question using different surveillance methods like tapping the person’s devices, following the car, monitoring their phone activities, searching on their premises, and observing them with high tech cameras they make their moves.


  •         Evidence presentation:evidence gathered by a private investigator cannot be disputed. It shows the exact times, locations, and with the person, you have been cheating with, providing pictorial and video evidence when need be. Reports and evidence from a private investigator are allowed and considered legit by a court of law in divorce settlement cases.

In conclusion, when sourcing out for their services, does a background check on the market’s best? Many private investigators understand the laws governing the private investigation acts and cannot infringe the person’s right in question.

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