Let Oriental Trading Help Deck Your Halls this Holiday Season

Let Oriental Trading Help Deck Your Halls this Holiday Season

Visit Oriental Trading for your holiday season crafts & decorations this year!

I am not sure about you but I always enjoy the decorating for Christmas in my home.  Every year when I get my decorations out I start to reminisce about years gone by.  One ornament is the black swan with feathers made out of black pipe cleaners when my oldest was in Kindergarten, he is 25 now. I also still have a”Broom Ba” Man (that is what he called it) which was made out of like a corn husk that he made in 2nd grade, he is now 22 and lastly,  dangling snow flakes with little jingle bells my youngest who is now 20 made in Kindergarten. These are just a few of the wonderful ornaments I still have that were made with craft supplies.

I had all intentions when I made my order from Oriental Trading to make a button and bead garland for my Christmas tree.  The problem is obviously I do not know my sizes of twine as my twine was way too thick to go with my buttons and beads. But I really want to share the other items I got and how much I just love them.  They are affordable and have a nice selection!

oriental-trading snowman couple
“Families are forever because love never melts” & “You Make My Heart Melt”

I am an avid snowman collector, I have collected  for over 21 years.  My Mom makes one each year for my collection and I am always on the lookout for affordable ones to add. So I have to admit when I received my “Snowman” and “Snowwoman” I was very happy with their quality and just how cute they are!

Let Oriental Trading Help Deck Your Halls this Holiday Season

I also like to look for cute jingle bells.  They are cute to have on the tree or just in a bowl.  The ones I did get are jingle bell necklaces but I “think” I am going to cut the necklace part off and just have the jingle bells. The necklaces are nice and have a like clasp that is plastic and pops together, so if you choose to use them as necklaces they are very nice.

Let Oriental Trading Help Deck Your Halls this Holiday Season

I also chose the assorted Hershey Mini Candy Bars because they all have decorative Christmas inspired wrappers.  The only problem is I hid them but since I know where they are I have been ‘dipping’ into them and will have to replace them.  They are cute in my candy jar which I will bring out when it is closer to Christmas.


The last item I purchased are these CUTE red bags with white snowflakes. They will look so cute under the tree.  I added the 2 stuffed animals that I already had. They did not come from Oriental trading.

I do want to note that my candy jar, the tureen bowl holding the jingle bells and the stuffed animals as I said above are not from Oriental Trading.

Oriental Trading can guarantee arrival of your shipment before the holidays if you order within the next 7 days.  It is truly worth it and they have so much to choose from.

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**Disclosure-I was given the items named in this post from Oriental Trading in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. 


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