Lifestyle Changes for Erectile Dysfunction to Try: Diets and Exercises

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are not alone. Researchers showed about a third of men are affected. It is more common among older men, but young men are not completely safe from its appearance. Nevertheless, you’re never too young to live a lifestyle that will protect your sexual health. In this brief article, you’ll read about diets, exercises, and other healthy habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle to avoid erectile dysfunction.

How Do I Know If I Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

But first of all, we should establish that experiencing weak erections doesn’t mean you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is normal to experience erection problems during approximately 20% of sexual encounters. However, if you have trouble getting an erection or keeping one for more than half of the time, you may have to see a doctor.

Possible Causes

To adjust your lifestyle, you must be aware of common causes of ED. If you have any of these conditions, you must address them immediately. Besides, a healthy lifestyle will not only improve your erections but will also give you an overall better quality of life. As a result, possible mental and physical causes of ED may include:

? Diabetes,

? Depression,

? Obesity,

? Anxiety,

? Smoking,

? Cardiovascular disease,

? Hormonal imbalances,

? Sleep disorders,

? Stress,

? Dysfunctional relationships,

? Alcohol and drugs,

? High cholesterol.

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Improving Lifestyle Habits

The four major areas you can start to observe in your life are diet, exercise, sleep, and emotional health. These components certainly impact almost every aspect of your health.


A healthy diet can transform a men’s sexual health. Nutritional experts recommend including certain foods while eliminating others. For example, a report discovered that erectile dysfunction is affected by the consumption of bad cholesterol and unsaturated fat.

One of the best nutritional regimens to improve ED is following the Mediterranean diet. It incorporates foods such as:

? Whole grains,

? Healthy fats,

? Fruits,

? Vegetables,

? Fish.

See Also

A study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that flavonoid-rich foods reduced ED by 9-11%. These foods include citrus, berries, legumes, apples, and other foods.


The key to having good erections is heavily based on the health of your circulatory system. Walking daily or engaging in other types of cardiovascular exercise improves circulation.

Regular exercise becomes even more important if your BMI is more than 25 or you live a sedentary life. Inactivity leads to many serious medical conditions, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Experts suggest about 160 minutes of aerobic activity per week for at least six months to transform your health.


WebMD published an article that mentions a 2020 study reported in Translational Andrology and Urology. Researchers concluded that poor sleeping habits impact the quality of erections.

Inadequate sleep affects your metabolism, hormonal balance, mental health, brain capacity, and many other physiological functions.

Try establishing a consistent sleep routine that provides sufficient quality sleep. If your attempts don’t work, you can seek the help of a physician who specializes in sleep disorders.

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Emotional Health

Mayo Clinic reports that the brain directs physical events that could impact a men’s sexual function. Amongst the conditions that can cause ED are anxiety, stress, and depression.

In addition, ED can occur if a man is involved in a dysfunctional relationship. You must add poor bad communication and other concerns with your partner to have the best chance at a healthy sexual life.

What’s Next?

It can be quite easy to schedule a online ED consultation. After all, you will have the results of your hormone measurements, and you will be able to better understand what kind of changes you need to make. As a result, before using medications or giving up on your sexual function, you must be aware of your lifestyle. Good habits that include a healthy diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, and emotional balance will improve your sexual function and overall health.

As you progress with living a healthy lifestyle, you may start to see an improvement in symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, if you feel that changing your lifestyle is not enough, consider working with a physician to address other possible causes.

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