Logo Design Rules: 5 Mishaps to Avoid During Logo Creation

logo design rules

Did you know that the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words?

A logo is a nifty way for a business to communicate what it stands for such that a customer can easily remember or identify it. Since the remaining top of mind is essential, you need to deploy a logo that’s well thought out yet simple to grasp.

Here are five foundational logo design rules to help you come up with effective design.

1. Pay for Value

A logo is a representation of your entire business. As such, you need to understand that creating a logo is more than just firing up logo maker software and getting it done.

You need to balance cost-efficiency with paying for value as that can deliver a logo worthy of your brand value.

Take the time to develop a budget that can help you look for a logo designer to deliver a logo that conveys your firm’s professionalism with every customer contact.

2. Avoid Stock Images

Another issue concerning the balance between cost efficiency and portraying your brand exceptionally is stock images. These are images you can buy on the web at a fraction and deploy in your logo but aren’t exclusive to you.

The thing about stock images is that they break two cardinal log creation rules. Your logo should be unique and original. An image licensing agreement that isn’t exclusive to you won’t achieve these twin goals.

If you rely on stock images, chances are high that another brand will find the same image attractive and adopt it as well.

3. Design With Your Clients in Mind

Ever seen a logo that looks good but seems to be out of step when you consider the clients it’s meant to speak to? That is the result of a business owner imposing their creativity on the logo without regarding the clientele.

You need to balance finding a design you consider attractive with that which can communicate optimally with your clients. Let your logo resonate with the ideal target audience for it to exceptionally convey your brand.

4. Colors and Fonts Matter

Every color evokes certain emotional and psychological reactions in people. As such, you need to find the most useful hues for your logo. With that said, keep your colors to two at a maximum as that helps make it easy to print and embroider your logo.

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When picking fonts, you need to be creative while ensuring you don’t make your logo hard to read. You should also steer away from trends that are too trendy and could become irrelevant down the line.

5. Focus Your Message

If your logo attempts to communicate too much, you will end up not communicating anything.

You need to stick to logotypes and icons that immediately help a customer figure out what you’re about.

Settle on a single image that your customer can easily remember as that makes your products easier to recall.

Craft With the Right Logo Design Rules in Mind

Your logo is critical to establishing a brand identity that keeps you top of mind with customers. However, for you to develop a winning design, you need to identify and stick to the right logo design rules.

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