Look Classy on Your Wedding Day—Mans’ Guide

Look Classy on Your Wedding Day—Mans’ Guide

Even though many fashion experts say that nothing revolutionary happened on the front of men’s suits since the 1920s, that doesn’t mean all guys know how to dress dapper and smart. Wearing a wedding suit brings many questions and doubts, especially when you’re choosing one for a day as special as your wedding. Luckily, the internet is here to help and make you look classy and handsome on your big day.


Here’s a very traditional and formal option for you: classic tailcoat. You might have seen these if you caught a glimpse of the royal wedding (Beckham was rocking one, and so was Cara Delavigne), so naturally, it’s having a revival. This suit has a very elegant English collar and a jacket that’s elongated in the back. A style like this will look amazing on tall and slim men and can be very sophisticated and elegant, especially when paired with a white shirt and a bow tie. However, if you want to look extra dapper, you can opt for a beautiful scarf.

Fitted suits

Probably the most popular style today is slim fitted two-piece suits. These are formal, yet not very gala ( they are perfect for all kinds of moderately-formal events) and they look great on most men. This style is especially popular among the younger and more modern and urban population of London, LA, and Sydney. A well-tailored suit will sit beautifully on your shape and emphasize your attributes, especially if you’re slim and tall. So, make sure to find a good tailor specializing in wedding suits in Sydney to get a professionally fitted suit. If you’re not fitted properly, your look will be lacking, so don’t hesitate to visit the pros!

Printed suits

Another great option for grooms who aren’t taking themselves too seriously is printed suits. Think checkered jackets, vertical stripes, abstract patterns and interesting fabrics with prints or ornamentation. Today, wedding suits don’t have to be black, bland and lacking personality. Combine your fun jacket with plain-colored pants in order to soften up the look and you’ll attract just the right amount of attention!

Bold colors

You might not be super big on fashion, but big houses like Tom Ford and Fendy grew tired of black and navy blue suits. So, they decided to offer their customers fun and stylish alternatives in the form of bold and bright colors. One of the biggest trends today is elegant, yet spectacular colors, like ripe cherries and wine tones. However, if they don’t clash with your overall wedding style, you can even opt for yellow, blue and emerald suits. These will definitely add some personality to your ceremony and completely change your attitude (a good suit can make you glow)!

Military style

Another style quite popular in recent years is military-style suits. One of the reasons why this trend is blowing up is definitely royal weddings, but the fact that many designers chose to include military elements into their creations also helped this trend grow. So, if you served, feel free to put on your cotton pants, classy shoes and jacket with metal buttons. This type of suit will not make you play second fiddle to your bride, but provide you with plenty of attention, especially if you bring a service sword!

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Unique accents

There are certain accessories that will make any suit more attractive and interesting. Aside from a classic boutonniere, you can add interest to your suit by pairing it with moccasins or even sneakers. There are also different shirt options you can choose from, like embroidered shirts decorated with light patterns. Grooms today are also free to wear hats, shawls and fun suspenders. So, don’t be scared to accessorize!

Keep these style trends in mind when shopping for your wedding suit and you’ll look amazing and feel even better during your special day!  

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