Losing Weight Without Even Knowing It

lose weight without even knowing it

Wouldn’t it be great to slowly lose weight without really doing anything? Imagine being able to shed a pound of weight every week without making drastic changes to your life. Sound too good to be true? Well, it would be hard to blame anyone that thought that. In today’s society, maintaining a healthy weight is all about cutting calories, sweating hard at the gym and taking supplements. While those things can, without a doubt, help you lose weight, there’s a far easier method that needs to be spoken about: gradual changes.

lose weight without even knowing it

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What are gradual changes?

Have you ever heard your friends say that they lose weight when visiting friends or family members on holiday? There is almost always a correlation between your lifestyle and your weight, and it’s easy to see why after you break it down.

Let’s imagine you went on a short holiday and you came back and realized you had lost a few pounds. It isn’t magic—it’s just drastic lifestyle changes. For starters, if you’re in an unfamiliar place you’re probably going to end up wandering around for a long time. You’ll end up walking more often, you’ll do more travelling and you’ll spend less time sitting at home. This all contributes to extra calorie loss. The reason they’re called gradual is because you don’t really notice these changes. This is the key to losing weight without even knowing it: but gradually introducing small changes to your lifestyle.

lose weight without even knowing it

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Examples of Small Changes

Let’s take a look at some small changes you can make to your life in order to help you lose weight.


  • Join a fitness club – while it might seem like a drastic change, keep in mind that joining a fitness club doesn’t mean you need to go there every single day. Remember that the idea is to introduce gradual changes, but you still need to muster up the courage to take the first step. Look at these Club Fitness details to get a good idea of what you could achieve by going to the gym just once or twice a week, then slowly bumping up the amount of time you spend and finally the number of days.
  • Portion control – incredibly important to losing weight. Start slowly by removing a few potatoes from your plate or adding one less spoon of sugar into your drinks. The idea is to reduce to your portions gradually so that eating less becomes the norm. Remove all the snacks from your pantry or buy smaller packets instead of large ones. Whatever you do, just try to lower your portion control in sneaky and seemingly insignificant ways. Even if you only eat a handful of cookies less each day, you’re still taking in fewer calories and that will go a long way into helping you lose weight.

In short, you just want to introduce small changes into your life so that they become ingrained in your daily routine. This is what will help you lose weight without even realizing it—because those activities become natural parts of your day.

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