The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Book Review

The magical tale of santa dust

magical santa dust

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Book Review

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion, this in no way influenced my review as all opinions are 100% my own.

When my oldest was just a little boy we had to move to a small apartment.  It was upstairs and didn’t have a chimney.  His first concern was that Santa Claus wouldn’t be able to find us.  I tried to explain that with Santa’s magic, he would find us and we would still have a Christmas.  Kids think of things that we as adults take for granted.  We know Santa will get to our house (if that is what you choose in your household to believe in) but a small child isn’t apt to know.

I was offered to review The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Book, and I am very pleased with its story. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a wonderful story of two small children whose  house Santa has never been able to find.  Christmas Eve has arrived once again and the children fear another year being Santa-less.  With the amusing highjinks of a giggling, clumsy elf, along with some magical dust, their dreams of a wonderful Christmas come true.

Each book comes with its own pouch of magical Santa Dust shrink wrapped to your book.  This pouch also can double as a Christmas ornament when the dust is gone. With this book you can start your own family tradition.

With their store locator, you can see if there is a store near you to purchase: Store Locator .  They also have an online book store where they offer the book/magic dust together or you can get them separate. All sales are final and they do not charge for shipping!  You can make this year the start of a  new family tradition.  I wish this book was available when my children were little, it would have been fun to start the tradition.  Instead I will be sharing this with my granddaughter as well as my grandson that is coming this April.  This book is a must have for your children’s library.

This book was chosen by Six Flags Theme Parks as the basis for their new Magical Tale of Santa Dust steam train ride.  Its similar to the Polar Express, as the Magical Tale of Santa Dust train ride will take riders on a 7 minute magical journey brought to life thru music and voice over rendition. This is just the first step in taking The Magical Tale of Santa Dust  to screens near you! This also has won the Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence.  You can visit their website:  The Magical Tale of Santa Dust.

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