Make Your Next Family Road Trip Less Hassle and More Fun

Road trips are supposed to be fun, right? But when you’re traveling with kids, it’s a different story. 

Are we there yet? It’s a question that you might hear from children mile after mile. It could be that or some backseat sibling fights, meltdown, or car sickness stressing you out on your trip. 

But you want to avoid this situation from happening. You can make your next family road trip less hassle and more fun with careful thought and planning. Start with the following tips we highlighted: 

Pack Light and Smart

The great thing about road trips is to pack up anything you can fit in your vehicle. But while it may sound appealing, it can result in more chaos. Of course, you also don’t want to miss out on the essentials

When packing for a family road trip, be sure to create a list of things you need. Start doing it a few days before your trip so you won’t forget anything. With kids on the road, you have to be prepared and that includes car safety (Nuna mixx Basics offers premium car seats for safety on the move), as well as plenty of toys and snacks! Also, have every bag and suitcase packed in the designated spot in your car. 

Create an Itinerary

Planning your route is essential. You can’t be too spontaneous, especially when traveling with children. Note that you can’t visit every attraction. Thus, determine where you want to go and how many days you have on the road. 

You can prepare for unforeseen circumstances with a travel itinerary, such as the weather. It will also make traveling from one place to another easier and faster. But ensure not to rely too much on the internet. Always bring printed and fold-up maps with you in case of connectivity problems. 

Consider Your Vehicle

The wrong vehicle can turn a great road trip into a nightmare. That’s because some cars are not designed for long-distance travel. 

If you want to experience the best trip possible, consider your vehicle’s safety, comfort, fuel economy, and technology. Small crossovers like the Mazda MX-30 GX fulfill all those requirements. It’s no wonder it’s perfect for every family road trip. 

But whatever type of car you have, take it to a mechanic at least three weeks before you hit the road. You can avoid mechanical issues and be stranded on the road. 

Keep Kids Engaged

Keeping kids engaged is a trick to having a great road trip with your family. But don’t make the mistake of shoving a tablet or phone into their hands. 

It might seem like a foolproof solution, but screen time will only distract them for so long. Plus, it can defeat the purpose of road trips, which is to strengthen your family bond. 

See Also

Search for alternative ways to keep your kids occupied in the car. You can let them read books or solve some puzzles. Pull out all the classic road trip games you might know, such as The Alphabet Game, Trivia Questions, or I Spy. 

Entertain them by letting them observe their surroundings. Taking nature breaks along the road is also suitable for your kids. 

Bring Healthy Snacks

Boredom isn’t only the reason why kids get cranky in the car. Sometimes, it’s their hunger talking. Keep their bellies happy by packing healthy road-trip snacks. 

You can cut fresh fruits and veggies and store them in one of the kids’ insulated food bags. If you want to keep their hands clean, you can bring dried fruits and veggies, crunchy cereal, trail mix, or some homemade smoothies. 

Ensure to have extra time for pit stops to break the monotony of a long drive. You can give them sweet treats at every stop so they have something to look forward to. 


You never know what will happen along the way. But preparing ahead of time can help you lessen the hassle and have more fun on your trip. And while you’re on the road, ensure to enjoy the time with your kids and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

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