Maks & Mila Children’s Book Review

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maks&mila book image


Maks & Mila Children’s Book Review

*Disclosure* I was sent this book free of cost in order to give my honest review. My opinions are 100% my own and I am not being paid for my opinions.

Now that is out of the way I have to apologize for this review taking me so long. First there was the book not making it into my hands when it should have been; it was put in the console of my parent’s vehicle we were borrowing at the time and I didn’t realize it had arrived. THEN, my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter saw it in my pile of “things” to do and well she loved it so much she took it into her room. She enjoyed looking at the bright pictures again and again!

The story of “Maks & Mila on a Special Journey” by Merel Bakker is a wonderful story. This book also comes with a free app, so your child can enjoy the interaction with the story. One of the last pages tells you how to visit the website to download their free app and coloring pages. There you can also look out for the next books of the Maks & Mila series and the ‘real’ Secret Suitcase! Their website is


The Maks & Mila series is written in the font dysle+ie which is especially designed for children with dyselxia. The story is based on all the positive things you can put in the Secret Suitcase. It is a positive story of well wishes for others which will bring happiness to others. Although it is written for children; it is a firm reminder of happiness and love in a world that is lacking both.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants to encourage a positive mindset to their children, grandchildren and even themselves.

This story is one of a series of books that will help your child(ren) be happy and strong to face what life brings them.

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About the Author-Merel Bakker:

Merel Bakker is a writer and mindfulness coach. Merel was born and raised in the Netherlends. She now resides in Switzerland where she is happily married living with her husband. You can read more about Merel at the end of her book.


You can order Maks & Mila on a Special Journey by clicking the link. This link does include my affiliate link for disclosure purposes.

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