Mastering the Art of Golf: 6 Tips to Improve Your Putting


Learning how to read a put is one of the first things you learn while golfing. Combining that knowledge with the best blade putter available will get you good results. But consistency is a priority, and that’s why you should practice these six tips below. 

6. Make Better Assessments From The Green

Do you read putts from behind the ball or behind the hole? You can talk to a hundred golfers, and they will give you different answers every time. There is no overwhelming answer that makes sense, and it always comes down to being in the moment. Change your habits based on distance, slope and overall feeling. If you can’t handle the basics, then it won’t matter whether you read from behind the ball or the hole. 

5. Eye Health Matters

Good eyesight makes the difference between making or missing a putt. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, inquire about accessories that can help while out on the green. Small quality of life improvements like a protective case can make a big difference. There is also a chance your current prescription is negatively affecting your putting performance. The only way to know for sure is to ask a professional eye care specialist. 

4. Copy Your Favorite Pro

Some pros have specific exercises to help them get into the mood for a putt. This can relate to breathing, stance, equipment or even mental state. The professionals know best, so getting insight into their putting routines will only help your game. Although some of the pros have ‘quirky’ habits, there is no reason to doubt the expertise of someone that has made it to the big leagues.  

3. Get Into A Groove

Do you find it infuriating when some tell you to ‘feel’ the shot? Feeling the shot is an actual thing, and it is all about getting into the groove of the shot. Think of it as rhythm, momentum or even a state of mind. If you have the confidence to see the ball into the hole, then you are less likely to get distracted.

2. Silence The Noise

Noise pollution is the one thing that will take any player out of their game. Unless you plan on wearing earplugs, there is no way to physically block out the noise while golfing. Instead of letting it become a distraction, nullify it with mental preparation. This is similar to the masking techniques used when treating someone for tinnitus. The noises are still there, but your mind blends it in with the rest of the sounds. 

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1. Balance Is Important

How you balance your weight before and after a putt is important. Not following through has been the cause of many misfires, even with the most seasoned of golfers. Keep your balance in check and force the environment to create a bad shot. The mechanical part of putting is easy, but the mental part is something that will always crew you over. 

Wrap Up

Get closer to the hole by learning the fundamentals. Not all of the tips are easy, but they are a good way to understand the world’s most complex sport. Golf is a thinking man’s game, so keep your mistakes at a minimum. 

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