Max and Ruby: Where are Their Parents?

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Max and Ruby: Where are Their Parents?

Now before I get going,  please realize that I don’t normally look into children’s cartoons. My husband did daycare for 12 years so I would occasionally watch Max & Ruby with them..  Then in this past 7 months I have watched this show with my now 3 year old granddaughter. Then it hit me… where are Max & Ruby’s parents?  It kind of reminds me of ‘Where’s Waldo’ except you eventually find Waldo in the book(s)… I have yet to have seen an episode where their parents are mentioned.

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To make matters worse, in a sense, they have a Grandma BUT she doesn’t live with them. She just visits, and I think from what I can tell they go and visit her. The Nick site says she lives next door, but they take the bus to see her. The plot thickens. Now I realize my granddaughter has never asked where their parents are, but I keep wondering, where are they? What parents, if around, would allow their 2 small children to walk to Grandma’s by themselves? Let alone allow rude Ruby to watch little Max.

Peppa Pig  has parents, as well as Franklin. Little Bear lived with his parents, as well as Dora.  At first I thought maybe their parents just weren’t shown, you know like the parents/family members from the Peanuts gang (wha-wa-wha-wa-wa-wa). But nope; never referred to nor mentioned.

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Most times I feel bad for Max. Either Ruby is yelling at him, he is left out of playing with her friends OR he is being played with like he is one of their dolls. One time Ruby put Max atop of a swing pushed him twice and walked away to play with her friends.  The last time Emma and I watched an episode, Ruby had lost a tooth, so that makes her what? Age 5 -9?   So maybe Max is 3?  Max hardly speaks or  uses one word sentences for a 3 year old either he has trouble getting a word in edgewise  OR he needs a parent to help allow him to talk.

Now I know they are rabbits, in ‘real-life’, rabbits hop along and may get hit by a car and don’t come back.  That is a reality that a bunny may lose its Mom or Dad. Even Bambi lost his mother. But these bunnies are dressed, live in a house, go to the stores, take dance classes, go to the park, beach, shopping  and even Ruby is in Bunny Scouts.

Also it doesn’t seem like Max has any friends, even Louise is Ruby’s friend, and acts just as irritated as Ruby. Wouldn’t it be so cool if they wrote in a parent(s) for them? I don’t care if its a Mom & Dad, Mom & Mom, Dad & Dad, Single Mom, Single Dad or even if Grandma just moved in. There are all sorts of parents out there so why can’t Max and Ruby have some?

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So what are your thoughts? Do you find yourself  looking into the show  if you are watching a cartoon with your kids or grand child ? For some reason I kinda get mad at Ruby and always feel badly for Max. I also find myself talking to the show as if they can hear me, but what is the difference when Dora is constantly asking questions and waits for an answer–and waits, silence then answers. Ok but back to Max & Ruby, I don’t really think they even have any…so what do you think?

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