Maya the Bee Movie Review

Maya the Bee Movie Review

Maya the Bee Movie Review

Disclosure:  I received this movie in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Maya the Bee Movie Review

I have never known a bee to be so stinkin’ cute! But with Maya the Bee, I have to say she is the nicest, cutest bee I have ever watched and I wasn’t nervous about her stinging me.

The animation in this movie is bright and fun with adventure, reflection, patience and friendship.  When the movie starts you see Maya ‘hatching’ from the honeycomb.  She does not want to be contained and sneaks off to start her journey.  You see she isn’t one to follow the rules.  She is told not to trust any of the other bugs in the community area.  Especially the hornets (I can understand that as I myself do not trust any hornets).

Maya starts making friendships with a dung beetle, a grasshopper that plays violin, as well as a hornet that goes by the name Sting.

When the Royal Jelly is stolen, who are the prime suspects? The hornets of course. And none other than Maya is thought to be the one that helped them.  Now it is up to Maya and her friends to prove her innocence and find the Royal Jelly.

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This is such a cute movie and even if your child isn’t one to be able to watch a whole movie the colors and voices are enough to keep them entertained.


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