You Might Want to Reconsider Who You are Currently Dating or Married to IF …

ignored-warning-signs image

ignored-warning-signs image

You might want to reconsider who you are currently dating or married to if you ever hear these words or phrases uttered:

  1. “If your sister was older I would have dated her.” -um thanks that should have been an early red flag.
  2. When pregnant with a second child, if your husband purchases you a treadmill because “you were too big your last pregnancy”, clearly its obvious he isn’t very sympathetic, more pathetic.
  3. When you ask your husband or wife, “why do you love me”, and they pause for what seems like forever and respond “because you know how to balance a checkbook”, realize there is a problem.
  4. If your boyfriend or girlfriend’s father says “if I could go back I wouldn’t have had ANY kids” realize this has to have impacted your boy/girl friend and makes you wonder, will they someday feel that way? OR coupled with a few of the things above-it might raise a red flag.
  5. If your future mother-in-law tells your future spouse that “you aren’t good enough for him”, expect future issues, possibly for the rest of your life. Most likely not after, as I am guessing she isn’t going to the same place as you are.
  6. Remember sometimes sadly, othertimes wonderfully (depends on the situation) when you marry your spouse, you marry the family. That can be a wonderful experience, or a fork in the road that you definitely took the wrong tine.
  7. If sadly you have to go through a divorce (I don’t wish that on anyone). Don’t take it personal when they tell you they had doubts at the alter but married you anyways. Its not you, its them.
  8. If for some reason you end up with a mother-in-law from hell, but didn’t realize it at the time, only after she is your ex-mother-in-law. Expect a life sentence because I am starting to think the statute of limitations doesn’t run out even when coming up on the 20 year mark. I do understand while you have your kids in common, when said kids become adults, they are old enough to communicate with their Grandma without your help.
  9. When you are dating someone and all of the sudden their relationship status goes from “with you to ‘its complicated’ without your prior knowledge you  might want to consider having better communication in your relationship.
  10. If your boy/girl friend or spouse seems to love themselves more than they seem to love you, it might be wise to let them continue that and be by themselves. Who wants to compete with that anyways?

Disclosure: This post is NOT about my husband whatsoever.  It is just some things I have heard before , experienced in the past, and learned from.

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