Mistakes to Avoid in the Selection of Flower Girl Dresses

Mistakes to Avoid in the Selection of Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls become an essential part of wedding ceremonies. The bride can choose beautiful dresses for their little girls. Keep it in mind that you have to be careful while purchasing the flower girl dresses. In wedding processions, flower girls become the center of attention before the arrival of the bride. She will need a perfect dress to feel confident and special. People often neglect the importance of a dress for their flower girl and make some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that you have to avoid while shopping.

Avoid Long Gowns

Consider the size of your flower girl while purchasing a gown. Avoid long gowns because these can increase the risk of falling over different places. A long gown can create a mess around your little girl. Ensure a long enough dress for your girl to let her walk comfortably.

Avoid Early Shopping for Dress

Unlike a bridal dress, you can’t shop these dresses in advance. Children grow up at a faster rate and ordering a dress in advance can mess up everything. Try to buy a dress near your wedding date. Shop before 4 to 5 days of the wedding to avoid any problem.

While purchasing toddler flower girl dresses, ensure her presence. If you have some dresses of your flower girls, you can keep them with you for shopping. Bringing your little girl with you can create a bond between you and the flower girl. This bonding will help you on the day of the wedding to run everything smoothly.

Avoid Selection of White Dresses

Several brides select a dress of white color for their big day. You should not pick a white dress for your flower girl. Choose a complementing color and accessories for your girl. Her dress should match the outfits of your bridesmaids. Kids can make a white gown messy, so avoid light colors.

Don’t Choose Well-Fitting Dress

Avoid purchasing a well-fitting dress for your child. Buy comfortable clothing in which a little one can grow. She can wear this dress on different occasions to remember your wedding. You can’t neglect the weather while selecting a dress for your flower girl. For cold weather, you have to choose a long-sleeved gown. For warm season, a short-sleeved gown works well. Make sure to arrange extra scarfs and sweaters for the wedding in the winter season.  

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Keep it in mind that flower girls can add some glamour to your wedding. Make sure to buy complementing dress to let them shine on your big day. It is essential to have someone to attend them at the wedding consistently.

Carefully measure the sizing of your child. You have to measure the waist, chest, height, and shoulders. With the wrong measurement, you may end up buying a small dress. If your girl is slender and tall, you have to measure her legs and torso to get a perfect dress. Make necessary alterations to adjust the dress of your flower girl.


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  • Great tips! I loved having a flower girl at my wedding. I got her dress to match the bridesmaids dress color, except hers had more rhinestones. She looked like a little princess.

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