Mohawk on Short Natural Hair: Reveal Your Style and Embrace Your Natural Texture

mohawk on short natural hair

I’ve always been a fan of bold and unique hairstyles, and one that has caught my attention recently is the mohawk on short natural hair. This edgy and versatile hairstyle is a great way to showcase your individuality and embrace your natural texture. Whether you have a TWA (teeny weeny afro) or a slightly longer cropped cut, a mohawk can add a touch of flair to your look.

One of the best things about the mohawk on short natural hair is its versatility. You can customize the style to suit your personal taste and hair type. From a subtle tapered mohawk to a more dramatic and voluminous look, there are endless possibilities to explore. With the right styling techniques and products, you can achieve a fierce and fabulous mohawk that will turn heads wherever you go.

Mohawk on Short Natural Hair

When it comes to making a statement with your hairstyle, the mohawk on short natural hair is a go-to option that exudes confidence and individuality. This bold and versatile hairstyle allows you to embrace your natural texture while showcasing your unique style. Whether you have curly, coily, or kinky hair, the mohawk can be customized to suit your personal taste and hair type.

One of the great things about the mohawk on short natural hair is its endless possibilities for styling. You can choose to keep the sides shaved close to the scalp for a more edgy look, or you can opt for a tapered cut that gradually fades from shorter to longer hair. The length on top can also be varied, ranging from a few inches to several inches, depending on your preference.

Styling the mohawk on short natural hair is relatively easy, especially with the right products. To enhance your natural texture and add definition to your curls or coils, use a curl-enhancing cream or gel. Apply it to damp hair and then use your fingers to shape and define the curls. For a sleeker look, you can also use a styling gel or pomade to smooth down the sides.

Styling a Mohawk on Short Natural Hair

Preparing Your Hair

Before you can start styling your mohawk, it’s important to prepare your hair properly. Here are a few steps to follow:

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  • Start with clean and conditioned hair. Use a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to ensure that your hair is hydrated and ready for styling.
  • Detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. This will help remove any knots or tangles and make it easier to work with.

Choosing the Right Technique

When it comes to creating a mohawk on short natural hair, there are different techniques you can try. Here are a few options:

  • Flat twists: This technique involves dividing your hair into small sections and twisting them close to the scalp. It’s a great way to create a defined and sleek mohawk style.
  • Bantu knots: Bantu knots are small, coiled sections of hair that can be arranged to create a mohawk shape. This technique works well for shorter hair lengths and adds a unique texture to your style.
  • Finger coils: If you have shorter hair, finger coils can give you a chic and defined mohawk look. Simply twist small sections of hair around your finger to create coils, and let them set before styling.


Popular Mohawk Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

Braided Mohawk

One popular variation of the mohawk on short natural hair is the braided mohawk. This style combines the edginess of a mohawk with the elegance of braids. To achieve this look, start by sectioning off the hair in the center and braiding it tightly from the roots to the ends. You can choose to do a single braid or multiple braids to create a more intricate look. The braids can be left as is or styled into different designs, such as a zigzag pattern or a fishtail braid. The sides of the hair can be left short or shaved for a more dramatic effect. The braided mohawk is a great option for those who want a stylish and unique hairstyle that is both versatile and easy to maintain.

In conclusion the mohawk on short natural hair is a bold and versatile hairstyle that allows individuals to showcase their unique style and embrace their natural texture. By following a few simple steps, such as cleaning, conditioning, and detangling the hair, anyone can create this fierce and fabulous look. With endless possibilities for customization, including different techniques like flat twists, Bantu knots, and finger coils, the mohawk can be tailored to suit personal taste and hair type.

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