Mojin – The Lost Legend Comes to Blu-ray May 3

mojin the lost legend

Some people have a special gift which you will see in

Mojin- The Lost Legend.

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mojin the lost legendCould you imagine if you could travel between the dimensions of both the Living and the Dead?  This would surely be deemed a special gift, and some people, like those in this movie do!  Tomb Raiding can also mean Big Business.

This is the world of the Mojin.  This is based on the #1 Bestselling series of novels that stars Shu Qi, Chen Kun, Angelababy, and Huang Bo.  This movie takes a trio of fictitious but well known grave robbers against rivals, scholars, and the law until they get an offer from a mysterious stranger.  This now temps them into one last heist.  This adventure will not only test their friendship but their skills and last but not least their unrelenting souls.

I did enjoy this movie and how it did not drag on.  The hardest thing I have is having to read captions but since it is in Mandarin I use the English subtitles.  There is also Chinese subtitles too.  They have 3 extras included which are: Making of, Behind the Scenes and a Trailer.


You can pre-order Mojin-The Lost Legend on Amazon, or wait for May 3rd when it will be out in the stores.

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