Nothing Spells Chic Yet Wild and Free Like the Cowboy Hats!

Get ready to hit the town in style. Add cowboy hats to your wardrobe and change the game in your favor. The Wild West has influenced the fashion industry for a long time. And if the latest trends are anything to go by, the cowboy hat is not going anywhere anytime soon! The cowboy hat is super stylish, attractive, and sassy. Add one to your hat collection right away.

1. Cattleman – The Eternal Eye-Catcher

The cattleman cowboy hat came into existence when the ranch owners wanted to differentiate themselves from the rodeo riders. This is the most popular cowboy hat style you will ever come across. It is the oldest and the most traditional variety.

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This cowboy hat boasts a taller but narrower crown, about four to five inches. There is a single crease in the middle of the crown, while two creases are on either side of the hat. This design was beneficial for the cowboys because it offered better protection against the sun and rain. Considered to be a gentleman’s hat, you can wear this at formal events as well as weddings. Take your pick from felt or straw cattleman cowboy hats.

2. Open Crown Cowboy Hat – The Dignified One

It has an entirely round crown and no creases in the hat. It looks quite similar to the sombrero without the large brim. The rounded flat brim of this hat does not turn up. It is often popularly referred to as the “10-gallon hat” because everyone believed it could hold up to ten gallons of water (which is, however, not true).

3. The Gambler Crease – The Name Says It All

This hat is trendy among Mexican cowboys, who refer to it as the Charros. This has made its presence felt from South America to Mexico and Nevada. The pork pie hat is a classic hat originating in the gamble crease version.

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The gambler crease is ideal for hot climates as the lower crown of the hat prevents the hot air from accumulating. You will get excellent sun protection with this hat.

To Sum It Up

Once you shortlist the cowboy hat you wish to add to your collection, you need to make sure you buy the hat from a reliable vendor. Many hat sellers have made their presence felt. is one of them. From the different varieties of cowboy hats to the hat size chart, you will find all the details with them. When purchasing a cowboy hat, emphasize the handmade type. The handmade ones have a better finish and look than the rest. Moreover, these hats last longer.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the different styles of cowboy hats now. This hat is extremely popular as a gift item too. If your loved ones love hats and have an extensive collection, you can also gift them a cowboy hat on special occasions. Whether the hat is for a personal wardrobe or a gift purpose, you can never go wrong with it.

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