Online Feedbacks and SEO: What’s The Relationship?


Most online shoppers rely on reviews to get useful information on products and services before buying them. In fact, people use reviews for physical products, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other important services. In short, reviews are useful in almost everything we do today. As such, the importance of positive reviews can’t be ignored by e-commerce operators in 2023.

But did you know that positive reviews are also essential for good SEO? Well, good reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp can do more than just improve the appearance of your business to your prospective customers. Reviews also show there’s proper interaction with your prospects, improving your website’s ranking on search engine results. That translates to better SEO.

This article will reveal the power of online reviews for your business reputation and success on search engines. We’ll also help you learn how you can improve your website SEO by optimizing your reviews for better performance in search engines.

Online Feedbacks and Reputation

For years, word of mouth has been a dominant way to strengthen the reputation of your business. That’s still a crucial factor in today’s digital world, making online reviews a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. In fact, nearly 90% of online consumers make buying decisions based on different online reviews.

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, the majority of Australian customers turn to online peer reviews for guidance. This trend presents a significant opportunity for e-commerce businesses that prioritize strong customer connections. Consequently, many small businesses actively encourage their loyal customers to share their positive experiences on platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

In addition to customer reviews, professional assessments carry substantial weight in shaping a business’s reputation, with over 50% of online shoppers placing trust in these evaluations. In Australia’s online gambling sector, for instance, discerning punters seeking reputable slot games can rely on the best online pokies feedbacks  to pinpoint trustworthy operators. These professional assessments play a pivotal role in enhancing a brand’s image, thereby contributing positively to search engine optimization efforts.

How Online Feedbacks Help with SEO

Online reviews are especially essential for your local SEO efforts as they help the searchers quickly get a sense of what your e-commerce business has to offer through your GMB (Google My Business) listings. A GMB listing is a key way to present your brand, its services, contact information, and hours of operation to the public. It also presents a place where your customers can leave reviews on their experiences with your business or products.


Google even acknowledges that high-quality reviews can increase your website’s SEO success. The tech giant even encourages businesses to respond to their customers’ reviews to show them that they value their input and business. As such, you should encourage your customers to leave their feedback by giving them a link where they write honest reviews.

According to Google, there’s more SEO value in listings that have high-quality reviews, and their search engine rewards such businesses with more exposure. Google typically ranks businesses with user reviews higher than those without. That’s because reviews show there’s a tangible relationship with the consumers, unlike businesses without any reviews.

Positive Feedbacks  Translate to Good SEO

Positive reviews are the golden ticket that most businesses need for SEO success. Search engines like Google favor websites with positive user feedback and high ratings because it’s a sign of their trustworthiness.

When your e-commerce site is associated with happy clients, search engines will rank you higher. That will make it easy for prospective customers to find your business. It’s like getting a virtual thumbs up from search engine algorithms for maintaining a good relationship with your customers. However, it’s not just getting high ratings on the reviews that matter.


The quantity of online reviews available for your business also matters in SEO. The more reviews your business gets, the more the search engines will trust that your brand is relevant and legitimate. That’s why you shouldn’t be shy about asking your customers for their feedback and reviews.

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Encouraging Customer Feedbacks  in the Right Way

Now that you understand the importance of online reviews on your site’s SEO and online presence, you should know how to encourage reviews without resulting in questionable practices. Here are several ethical ways to encourage reviews without being pushy:

–         Deliver outstanding customer experience – Most customers are willing to leave a review when they are happy with their overall experience.

–         Simplify the review process – Don’t allow your customers to go through unnecessary hoops when leaving a review. Give them straightforward instructions on sharing their feedback.

–         Politely request for reviews – Don’t be afraid of asking your satisfied customers to leave a review, but be careful not to sound pushy.

–         Respond to user reviews – Engaging with user reviews is crucial to your SEO strategy as search engines favor businesses that have a good relationship with their customers. Actively interacting with your customers will also encourage them to leave more reviews.


Online reviews and SEO have a symbiotic relationship, developing a feedback look that strengthens your brand’s online presence. As earlier mentioned, positive reviews signal search engine algorithms that your e-commerce brand is relevant and trustworthy, leading to improved rankings. That makes it easier for your prospects to find your business.

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