Perfectly Defined Curls: How to Do Braid Out on Natural Hair

how to do braid out on natural hair

What is a Braid Out?

A braid out is a method employed to achieve perfect, tight, and curl-free hair without using any heat tools. Typically, this involves braiding the hair followed by unraveling it after a period of time. But wait, there’s more to understand about a Braid Out than you might initially think. Let’s talk about the benefits of this technique and also diverge into the different styles of a Braid Out.

Benefits of a Braid Out

  • Basket of Advantages: Braid Outs deliver a number of advantages. They provide lasting curl definition, their damage-free nature makes them most apt for natural hair care, and they offer versatility in hairstyles. Moreover, this style doesn’t demand frequent manipulations, therefore reducing breakage and promoting hair growth. If you want to give your hair a break or simply need something new, a Braid Out is our recommendation.

Different Braid Out Styles

  • Individuality is Key: Let’s dispel the myth that a Braid Out can only be done one way. In truth, there are many different types of Braid Out styles. Variations can include using different sized braids (the size directly affects tightness of the curl), doing the braids on damp vs dry hair, using various products to set the braids, or even combining a Braid Out with other styles.

For an Elongated Braid Out look, use jumbo braids. If you’re after Tight Braid Outs, then skinny braids with slightly damp hair work wonders. You’ll find that Flat Twisted Braid Outs are the secret to having super defined curls. Fascinating isn’t it, how one technique can deliver such varied results!

But wait, we haven’t yet detailed how to do a braid out on natural hair. Keep reading as we dive deeper into the procedure part of how to perfect your Braid Out. Because attaining flawlessly defined curls isn’t actually as complex as you might think.

How to Do Braid Out on Natural Hair

Braiding your hair is an essential step in achieving perfect, frizz-free curls. Let’s break down the braiding process to ensure you achieve the best braid out possible.

Start Braiding from the Roots

Now that your hair is sectioned, it’s time to begin braiding. Start the step at the root of each section. Firmly but gently, intertwine your hair strands to form a braid.

The root area is critical as it lays the foundation for a stretchy, defined braid out. When braiding from the root, ensure you’re aiming for a firm tension which strikes a balance between reducing puffiness and maintaining your scalp comfort.

Secure the Ends of Your Braids

To guarantee that your braids don’t unravel during your braid out process, securing the ends is crucial. You can choose from a variety of methods depending on what works best for your hair.

Allow Your Hair to Dry

Allowing your hair to dry correctly is an essential step for achieving the perfect braid out. There are several ways to get this done; air drying, overnight drying, or using a hooded dryer. Each of these methods has its unique advantages, and we’ll be walking you through how to get the best results with them.

Take Out the Braids

When the braids have adequately dried, the next phase in your braid out journey starts – removing the braids. Emphasizing patience and gentleness is key to avoiding unnecessary frizz and maintaining those well-defined curls we’ve been laboring for.

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Untwist the Braids Gently

Here’s where an oil-based product is your best friend. We recommend applying a small amount to your fingertips to add slip as you untwist each braid. This will minimize friction, thereby reducing chances of frizz and breakage. Starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots, delicately undo each braid. Remember: the gentler you are, the better preserved your curl pattern will be.

Fluff and Style Your Hair

Once you’ve carefully untwisted and separated your locks, fluffing is next. Take a pick or wide-toothed comb to the roots of your hair. This helps to create a fuller look while disguising any visible parts from the braiding process. Remember not to run the tool all the way through the ends of your curls; that will only disrupt the pattern you’ve worked so hard to create!

Styling your braid out comes down to personal preference. Some might choose to rock their curls as is, and we are all in for that! Some might choose to accessorize with headbands, clips, or even integrate their braid out into an updo.

We’ve undeniably arrived at the fun part! So, go ahead and play around with styles until you find what works best for you.

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