How To Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks

How To Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks

Your engagement ceremony was just perfect – exactly how you imagined it to be. You love the engagement ring and can’t wait to tie the knot with that special someone.

But then, a thought strikes your mind, “I’m getting married in two weeks, only two weeks!”

If this single thought makes your heart skip a beat, you’re not alone. From choosing a perfect wedding dress to ordering bulk candy in every color for a candy buffet, there is a lot to do!

Wondering if there could be a better way to feel fabulous without rushing over wedding preparations? Luckily, there are more than just one. Besides being calm and proactive throughout the wedding planning stage, you need to be sure things are getting done within a limited timeframe.

These wedding planning tips will help you make the hectic days smoother.

Prepare A Checklist

Lists do wonders to even the most disorganized people. That said, a well-written checklist can be your best friend as it will keep you away from the wedding woes. But does your checklist keep getting longer with every tick of the clock? If this is you, you can save time by writing the entire action plan in one go so you don’t have to update it every other day.

Do Some Detailed Research Before Finalizing The Wedding Dress

The secret behind a truly happy bride?

A carefully selected wedding dress!

Most brides spend days or even months choosing the wedding dress of their dreams. The search is worth their time consumed because that’s how you’ll feel fabulous on your big day. But this is when you may often go crazy over deciding your own preferences: do I want embellishments? Will a veil complete the look? Should I go for a long wedding gown?

Instead of responding to all the questions popping up in your mind, visit and hunt for the perfect dress.

Don’t choose the one instantly, though. Save the pictures of the selected bridal gowns in your computer and share those with friends, so they can give you some suggestions as to which one you should go for.

Hire A Wedding Stylist

How To Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks

A wedding stylist knows what’s trending which means that you wouldn’t have to get yourself busy doing research even for the little things. Choose the venue and she’ll transform it into an enchanting place by personalizing it the way you want. 

Plus, when it’s about deciding on shoes and other accessories, you can tell her your preferences so she can suggest some unique ideas accordingly.  You can get ideas from online resources such as this guide about diamond jewelry. A stylist or wedding planner will know where to buy things in a hurry – sites like Paperlust that can get you your wedding invitations within the week. This information can be crucial in getting your wedding planned in two weeks!

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Even if you love indulging in a shopping spree, a wedding stylist will save you a lot of time when it’s about working out small details that can be really time-consuming.  

Delegate To Relax

Caterer, photographer, florist, baker, vendor, event planners – there are a lot of people you’re supposed to get in touch with throughout the wedding preparations. Being a bride-to-be, it’s impossible to book each and everything on your own without any help.

That’s when it’s time to delegate tasks to your most favorite people. After all, what are friends and family members for?!

You can write the name of each family member or friend against each task written in the checklist. This is a great way to see wedding preparations being done smoothly without losing your mind.

Do The Dress Rehearsal

You never know when the “2-weeks left in my wedding” syndrome may unconsciously ping you throughout this hectic journey of wedding planning. Now is the time to de-stress and fix any mishaps right before the wedding. Make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions by trying the dress, shoes, jewelry, and underclothes a week before the wedding.

Think the dress is tight or too short? Now is the perfect time to exchange it for the one that gives a comfortable fit. Besides, you should check any loose buttons or threads that need any fixing.

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