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Congratulations, you’re in love! You’ve found the one person that will stay by your side, be a co-parent, a travel buddy, a caretaker, a confidant, a lover, a best friend. You have the same philosophy about money and politics, and your families get along, so now it’s time to think about the fun stuff- guest lists and tea lights! There are many wedding guides out there, like this checklist from At first, start by thinking about these three things.


Knowing how much you can spend will make planning much more straightforward. There are so many options for venues, decor, dresses, etc., and having a budget will allow you to spend more on what you want to prioritize and less on what doesn’t matter as much. For example, you may want to hire a quality caterer versus having fancy centerpieces for tables. The national average in 2019, according to Wedding Wire’s 2019 report, was $38,700, a total that does not include engagement rings.


To determine the size of the wedding, make three different lists: essential people like close friends and family, additional people who would expect an invitation like extended family, friends, and coworkers, and finally a list of people you think are likely to attend. The list of essential people will tell you how small your wedding can be, with the exception that you decide to go to the courthouse. The list of the number of additional people plus the number of essential people will tell you the maximum size of the guest list. The list of likely attendees will show you the midrange amount of guests to expect. Knowing these numbers will also help with budgeting.


Your wedding style should be personal to you and your spouse. Sometimes one partner is less likely to care about the motif and more inclined to care about having a lovely wedding without blowing the budget. However, make sure the expectations are clear about who wants what. Extend this communication to anyone else who is financially or emotionally involved in the wedding, such as mothers or sisters. Let the style of your wedding reflect your relationship. If you are travelers, consider a destination wedding, if you’re a romantic at heart, be sure to have some traditional elements, and if you’re more minimal, aim for simplicity in both decor and planning.

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Weddings can be parties of a lifetime. Make yours one that you and your spouse can always look back on to remember your undying love.

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