Puppy Potty Training for Newbies: 13 Things You Need to Know

Amazing tips that will make puppy potty training much easier!
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Puppy potty training is the first thing you need to teach your dog. When it’s small, he cannot do so much damage to the house so the biggest issues you’ll be dealing with are its excretions.

Although this may sound funny it can become a problem especially if not addressed properly and timely. Dogs grow up incredibly fast and if you do not start training him how to potty from the day one, you will soon have issues not only with his pee but also his discipline.

There are so many things you need to know about puppy potty training and dog trainings in general. So without further ado, let’s start!

Basic tips for puppy training

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  • Potty training is the first thing that your dog will learn. Make sure to create proper hierarchy where you’re the boss and he is the follower
  • Dogs are pack animals and it comes them naturally to follow you. However, you still need to be a provider and to treat the dog with respect so it continues following you
  • Puppies react based on instincts. If the puppy feels like peeing, it will pee right then and there. You need to teach him this is wrong and that there is a place where he should do it
  • Dogs mark their territory; they will do the same with your home. Make sure to show them who is the boss and that he shouldn’t go against your will
  • Never use violence, physical or mental punishment during this or any other training. It will affect your dog in a very negative way and will deteriorate your relationship
  • Given that this is the first thing dog will learn, you will need to use commands. They will tell him what to do and at what precise time. This is very important as it sets up basis for other trainings
  • If you have a big family and there are several people taking care of the dog and its needs, you will all have to use the same commands and body language. Otherwise, dog will become confused
  • No matter what, one person should occupy most of its time and do most of its training because dog requires one definitive master. Otherwise there is a good chance it will become stubborn and doing its own thing
  • Number of times you need to walk your dog depends on dog’s breed. Bigger dogs have bigger system and don’t have to pee so often. Small dogs require much more time invested
  • Like humans, dogs need to pee after waking up and before going to bed. Otherwise, accidents will occur
  • When accident happens (which will be constantly) do not get mad and raise your voice. Even if you’re not abusing the dog physically, he can get scared if you have an extreme reaction and may start fearing you
  • Do not pet your dog or get it excited in anyway if it has full bladder (for example in the morning or in the evening). This will cause loss of control and thus an accident on your rug
  • Make sure to measure dogs meal and give him same portions each time. This is the only way to track its metabolism and when it needs to poo. Also, if the dog doesn’t eat its food all at the same time, remove it. If he eat his meal during the whole day, little by little, it makes it hard to track bowel movements

With these easy tips, you will become a dog whisperer in no time! Just be patient, persistent and do everything with a smile!

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