Reasons Children Need Educational Assessments


There are many ways that teachers and other educational professionals can assess students. Through quizzes and tests, educators learn a lot about students. These assessments are essential and must be a part of an effective educational system.

Some parents do not understand the reasoning behind assessments or why students constantly take a variety of tests. There are some very specific and beneficial reasons why assessments are a standard part of education.

Defining Assessment

Before you can understand the benefits of educational assessments, it helps to make sure you understand what they are. Most often, an assessment is a test. People will typically think of standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT.

However, there are many ways to assess students. Standardized testing is only one method. Teachers may also use oral quizzes or formative assessments, such as the i-Ready test. They may also use creative or untraditional methods to assess students and the impact of their teaching.

The different assessment options can allow educators to have a more rounded understanding of students and their educational needs. By using different methods, teachers learn about the various aspects of whether what they teach students is sticking with them and if the students understand the material.

Benefits of Assessments

Assessments serve some specific purposes, such as helping educators reach goals and making the educational system better.

Assess the Overall System

According to the Colorado Department of Education, educational assessments are one of the best ways to support a child’s learning and improve the overall education system. It can help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual children, which enables teachers to individualize learning and help children to find methods of learning that work for them.

It also allows for an overall assessment of how well an educational system is operating. Assessment lets educators see if there is a widespread need among students while also allowing them to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the overall curriculum. It can assist with teacher training as well since the tests will point out areas that need more attention.

Discover if Lessons Work

The George Lucas Educational Foundation explains that assessments allow teachers to ensure students learn the information intended from lessons. If a test shows that all students are having issues with the information, then a teacher can go back over the lesson.

He or she can recreate it to assist students in a way that will best help them learn the information. For example, an i-Ready math test can help teachers to see if students understand the current lesson, and if they don’t, the teacher can work with the student to address their misconceptions.

It can ensure content makes sense and that new teaching methods work. Teachers can better get an idea of what their students are learning so that they ensure everyone is learning what they should.

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Prepare for the Future

Stand for Children explains that assessments also prepare students for the future. Throughout a child’s education, he or she will have assessments continuously. They may be quick quizzes or complex tests that will determine their future.

Taking assessments is often about learning how to take tests. Students can learn a lot just by going through the process of preparing for and taking a test. After they take it, they also learn how to use the test results moving forward.

Testing allows students to prepare for other tests they will take outside of education as well. For example, when they want to drive, they will need to take tests to get their driver’s license. They learn basic skills that are helpful in everyday life.

Assessments Are Essential

While many students may not like the idea of taking tests, assessments are incredibly helpful. In fact, they are often the only way educators can ensure children are learning what they should.

Tests serve an important function in every aspect of the educational system. It is important that teachers and students make use of them to help ensure the overall quality of education.

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