Reasons Why Professional Mice Removal Services Are Worth The Investment


Mice are a common pest in homes, apartments, and businesses. They can cause significant damage and spread diseases. While some try to tackle mice infestations with over-the-counter products more is needed. Investing in professional services is better to avoid health hazards and costly damages. Here are some reasons why mice extermination services are worth the investment.

Save Time

A mouse infestation can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, as mice are incredibly destructive creatures. They gnaw through wood support beams, rafters, electrical wires, and more. They can also spread diseases by contaminating food and spreading fleas and ticks that carry them. Mice can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces, even cracks that seem too big. An extermination professional will be able to identify these entry points and help you seal them, preventing future mice problems. While some residents may want to handle mice removal themselves, this is a major undertaking that requires special traps, bait stations, and disposal of dead animals. A pest control company will take care of these tasks for a one-time fee or on a subscription basis with monthly or quarterly visits. They will also provide preventive treatments to keep mice away from the property in the first place. These services are well worth the cost.

Save Money

The cost of mice extermination can vary based on the size and scope of the problem. Those with a small infestation may only need traps and other supplies. In contrast, larger infestations require the exterminator to block entry points, remove mouse droppings, and perform regular preventative treatments. In addition, if the infestation is severe and requires humane trapping or fumigation, additional charges will apply.


While the upfront costs of pest control services can be expensive, they can save homeowners significant money in the long run. For example, ignoring a mouse problem can cause thousands of dollars in damage to walls, electrical wiring, roofing, and cleaning fees for removing the rodents’ waste. In addition, reducing clutter around the house and trimming back overgrown vegetation can deprive mice of the shelter and hiding spots they use to enter homes. This alone can be a significant saving over the cost of a professional pest removal service.

Save Energy

If a resident has an extensive mouse infestation, getting rid of the mice could require several visits to their home. During these visits, the exterminator can identify points of entry and block them to prevent mice from returning.

It’s important to remember that mice are nocturnal creatures, so it can be difficult to know when the rodents move in and out. Residents may hear scurrying in the walls and ceiling at night, but this isn’t always a sure sign of an infestation.

Other signs include droppings around the property, nests in crawl spaces and other difficult-to-reach areas, and full trash cans that shelter mice. The property type also affects the cost of a pest control visit, with farm properties having higher extermination costs than apartments. The frequency of pest control services also impacts the cost, with a single service having a higher price tag than bimonthly or monthly visits.

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Save Your Health

The pitter-patter of little feet can send residents running to their computers, looking for “rodent control near me.” But mice are not only unsightly; they also introduce fleas and lice, contaminate food and pantry items, destroy books and furnit


ure, chew through electrical wires, create fire hazards, and can lead to pulmonary disease.

Mice can fit into incredibly small spaces, including passages the size of a dime. A pest control pro can find entry points even the most vigilant homeowner might miss. They will also be able to suggest how to seal those entrances and often have the necessary equipment.

To keep mice out, residents can remove piles of paper and other clutter and trim back shrubs and other vegetation that can serve as cover and pathways into a house. They can also use bait stations that house poisons in ways that toddler hands and pets cannot reach. For larger infestations, fumigation may be necessary.

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