Recovering from Covid: What do I Need to Know?


Whether you have contracted the virus or are caring for a person undergoing recovery, it is important to take time to understand what to expect and the actions you can take to enjoy the best chance of a successful recovery.
So, what can you potentially expect when it comes to your period of recovery and what can you do to help enjoy as much oversight as possible during the process?

What can you expect?

Unfortunately, recovery from a Covid 19 infection can be a gruelling process. While research has shown that many cases are asymptomatic, patients can experience a number of symptoms that can range in severity. These can include-
Fever: Considered the most common sign, this can result in mild to moderate discomfort. commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
Tiredness: One of the major risks when contracting Covid 19 is a reduction in lung capacity due to inflammation. This can result in a loss of breath and subsequent tiredness, making cognition and recovery difficult across the period.
Dry Cough:Coughing can continue throughout the recovery period that does not bring up any mucus or phlegm when clearing your airways.
Aches and Pains: In addition to fever, many individual experiences joint pain and continued aches over the period in addition to shaking and cold sweats.

How can a pulse oximeter help?

Throughout the UK, many individuals are being given or recommended to acquire a blood pulse oximeter to track their recovery. This allows users to measure the degree of oxygen saturation in their blood quickly and painlessly, which has the potential to be a marker for infection and track the recovery process.
The process involves placing the device on your finger and activating the device, which often requires little more than a button press. The unit then shines a red light onto your finger and measures the degree of absorption to determine the amount of oxygen in your blood. This can help track an improvement in lung capacity following a case of viral pneumonia or to measure the recovery process or act as an early warning if additional care is needed.

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Where can I potentially get one?

Thankfully, securing a blood pulse oximeter is quick and straightforward. The devices can be picked up from a number of online stores such as eBay and Amazon but, while this can be tempting, it is vitally important to confirm that the device you are using is fit for purpose, under warranty, and made by a reliable provider.
If you are concerned about quality, directly seeking out a model from Sensoronics sensors or other leading providers will help ensure the highest standards of accuracy and convenience. This can help you track your recovery with ease and confidence, ensuring that you have peace of mind during a time where medical services may be stretched to the limit.

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