Reducing the Likelihood of a Car Accident

Car accident

The roads can be dangerous, no matter how careful you are. Other drivers may not take heed of signals, laws, or general road markings. 

Driving laws can differ greatly depending on where you are. Queries such as whether lane splitting is legal or whether you can stop at the side of the road will vary in answer dependent on the governing body for that locale – always make sure you are aware of the specific laws for the areas you are driving in. 

While there is no way to ever fully guarantee that you won’t have a car accident, there are steps you can take to try and reduce the risk through your own actions and driving behaviours.

Service Your Car

Having a car that is properly serviced will help you remain safe on the roads. This can make sure you don’t have any problems that may cause swerving, or parts that need replacing. 

Servicing your car will also ensure that your oil and water are topped up. The bulbs in your lights may need replacing, and this will also be rectified with a proper service. 

While it is recommended that you have a service annually, getting any problems checked immediately rather than waiting for the next service is always a good idea. 

Something as simple as an indicator light not working could make all the difference between having an accident and other road users understanding and acknowledging what you intend to do. 

Check the Weather Before Travelling

Avoiding travelling during certain weather conditions or times of day can also help to reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a car accident, so it is always best to check what the conditions will be beforehand. 

Wet weather can affect the stopping distance of vehicles, and reduce the amount of grip that the tires have on the road. Icy weather can also make road conditions unsafe, and cause severe skidding, particularly in spots of black ice.

See Also

Beautiful, sunny weather can also pose a problem. Bright sunlight can make it difficult to view the road ahead, especially at certain times of day when the sun is low, or just after a rainfall where the sun highlights the reflections of the water. 

Opting to travel earlier or later than planned due to weather conditions can help you to avoid extra hazards. Keeping an eye on weather apps, channels, or even radio reports detailing what the roads are like currently can help you stay ahead of nature. 

Car accidents generally occur more through human error than vehicle problems. By ensuring that you are competent driving your vehicle, are not under the influence of any drink, drugs, or prescription medication that may inhibit your capabilities, and that you are always focussed on the road, you can greatly reduce the chances of that human error occurring. 

By driving within speed limits and ensuring you, and any passengers, always wear a seatbelt, you can also potentially minimize the damages resulting in accidents caused by the neglect of other drivers.

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