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Infatica offers every customer, owners of small startups or large players in the IT market, high-quality information support and subscription to stable working proxy servers to provide access to information resources and targeted advertising around the world. We have an extensive database of IP addresses sorted by geolocation, and each user will be able to choose exactly those tools for developing the business that he needs.

Key Benefits of a Residential Proxy

Our company has been operating on the market for a long time, and we are the best reliable residential proxy provider. Residential proxies are a network of agents that ensure the complete anonymity of each customer without the risk of data leakage and user blocking on any portals. Regardless of the hosting country. Our proxy servers have the following undeniable advantages over the products of our competitors:

  • Thanks to the efforts of our developers, we were able to achieve up to 99.9% uninterrupted operation of our proxy servers at the maximum data transfer rate.
  • Users will no longer need to solve complex and annoying captcha to get to a remote information resource; proxy servers from Infatica allow you to bypass any roadblocks.
  • We have the largest database of residential IP addresses for almost every country where the information portals most in demand among our castors are located.

Most of our customers are worldwide. Regardless of the chosen tariff plan and the type of activity of the company, it leaves only positive feedback about us from independent sources on the network, noting our professionalism, flexible approach to customers, as well as reliability and practicality of the system.

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Reasons Why Customers Prefer Residential Proxies From Infatica

Most of our customers who have already subscribed to the official Infatica website note the following advantages of the platform, as well as the interface that they had to deal with:

  • All experienced users know that many websites that are registered in different countries have several access restrictions. Considering that our proxy servers using country-specific IP addresses allow you to bypass any blocking, the user can easily reach the global level of development of his business.
  • A wide range of databases of IP addresses, sorted by different countries and continents, ranging from the US and Europe to Asia, South America, and Africa.
  • The very high-performance system allows you to exchange information with selected Internet resources around the world, publish targeted advertising, and track already exposed content for its effectiveness in real-time.
  • A very easy-to-use interface of the system, which makes it possible to work with proxy servers even for beginners with minimal experience in the IT industry.
  • Blocking bypass also implies the absence of checks for a robot, which is especially important for those users who place targeted ads in Direct. A captcha solution is not required to access the desired resource.
  • Our platform is the most reliable among competitors, all user data is completely protected, and the platform will work without interruption for a long time at minimum speed.

We guarantee a stable signal when staying on a third-party resource, complete confidentiality of any data of our customers, as well as the anonymity of any search query, thanks to remote access from anywhere in the world through a set of IP addresses.

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Why Do Professionals Choose Proxy Servers From Infatica?

Proxy servers from Infatica are suitable not only for beginners but also for professionals in the field of IT technologies of the highest level, as our system can offer them the following features:

  • A fully automated system that eliminates the need for professional coding skills of users.
  • Proxy servers from our company have a convenient filter system and are configured only for exact search queries, which allows you to quickly achieve the desired result.
  • Proxy servers and IP addresses generated for use are easily integrated with almost any remote software.
  • Even at the end of the traffic, according to the previously selected and paid subscription, we can always offer the customer additional time of up to 30 minutes so that he can complete the operation he has begun.
  • All accompanying electronic documentation for proxy servers is written in a convenient and simple language for anyone who has flown, and the information is easy to read and assimilate.
  • To control the normal performance of proxy servers, we use the most advanced Public API technology, which has long been in demand among many reputable competing companies.
  • We guarantee the longest working time of proxy servers without failure at increased capacities.
  • All work processes are fully automated, which eliminates errors, human error, and loss of efficiency, and also guarantees the expected result.
  • Customers can scan all available filters to quickly sort out exactly the search query that interests them and was asked in advance.
  • We guarantee complete cyber security and protection against any hacker attacks for unauthorized access, theft, lengthening, or copying of content.
  • We enable professional customers to also monitor the quality of previously published targeted advertising content, check the effectiveness of its work, and adjust targeted advertising in time to increase the profitability of the company.

The main feature that attracts professionals is the presence of the most extensive database of IP addresses that are registered around the world. We offer our customers up to 230 thousand IP addresses in the USA, 800 thousand in Russia, more than 365 thousand in Ukraine, almost 120 thousand in Germany, about 380 thousand in India, more than 1.1 million in Brazil, as well as hundreds of thousands of available IP addresses in most other countries of the world located on all continents.

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Prices for Our Subscriptions and Our Tariff Plans

We offer customers the most flexible and favorable prices for tariffs for subscribing to the use of proxy servers in our company. If the user has not yet decided or doubts which tariff to choose, he can get a trial version of the proxy server for 3 days for only $2.

Basic tariffs start at $96 each month, which includes up to 10 GB of traffic. The standard plan will cost $260, but with 40 GB per month. For professional users, we are ready to offer a business plan for $700, which will include up to 100 GB of traffic. A premium product from our company will cost $2,400 per month with 400 GB, and for the most active users, owners of large companies that process millions of IP addresses worldwide every month, there is a special tariff of $3,500 with 1000 GB per month, which is the minimum rate for each 1 GB.

At the same time, the customer will always be able to choose not only a package tariff but also a payment for each used GB, and to issue such a contract; he will need to contact our technical support service.

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