Save Time and Money on Your Beauty Routine

Save Time & Money on Your Beauty Routine

If you’re reading this, you may be diagnosing yourself as a beauty junkie who’s reached rock bottom in her beauty routine. Your bathroom drawers are overflowing with cosmetics (many that haven’t even been opened). Your checking account is creeping toward the red danger zone due to mindless shopping sprees at Sephora. You can’t say no to high-end hair products at the salon.

It’s time for an intervention.

The Movement of Minimalism

One great place to start is to shift toward a minimalistic lifestyle, which is finding happiness with less. More and more people are embarking on a minimalistic way of life: owning less and using our precious time more wisely toward things that matter and give our lives true value.

Could you afford to ditch some seemingly must-have beauty products? Do you spend way too much time on lengthy beauty rituals from morning until night? If your intervention calls for a beauty regimen overhaul, then keep reading to find solutions that can help you simplify your beauty routine, so you can still look fabulous using fewer products and saving more time.

Look Lavish With Lash Extensions

Luxury lashes are a smart investment if you want to look red carpet ready with minimal effort. Lashes give your eyes a sultry allure without the hassle of messy mascara and eyelash curlers. Since extensions make such a dramatic statement on their own, you can cut back on eye makeup like liner and eyeshadow, too. You’ll also avoid raccoon eyes that can appear from smudged makeup throughout the day, and forget about using that greasy makeup remover.

Stand Out With Lipstick

Apply a killer shade of crimson lipstick as a quick fix for transitioning from work to happy hour or meeting friends out with limited time to get ready. To really save time on your routine — and room in your makeup bag — find a lip stain that doubles as a cheek stain.

Work With Your Natural Hair

To simplify styling your hair, embrace your natural locks. If you’ve got curls, show off those ringlets rather than scorch them with a flat iron and fight their texture. Getting burnt out from curling those beloved beachy waves every day? Braid damp hair before bed and unravel them the next morning for flowing waves that can last for days without a wash. Watch out for edgy hairstyles, too, like bangs and heavily layered cuts, which tend to be more high maintenance and require more frequent upkeep.

Embrace Unwashed Hair

Washing your hair daily is a personal preference. For some, skipping washes leaves hair greasy and lifeless. For others, daily washes can damage hair and dry out the scalp. To save time, skip washes if your hair can manage it. Then spritz some dry shampoo, texturizing spray or shine spray to revive your hair’s style. Aly Walansky, a lifestyle writer, and contributor of TODAY recommends using dry shampoo before bed. The dry shampoo gets worked into your hair overnight, so you can wake up to instant volume.

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Set a Budget & Resist Temptation

Let’s be real. It’s fun to shop for beauty products, but the more you splurge, the more you add to your beauty rituals (and the fewer funds you have in your bank account). One of the most effective ways to simplify your beauty routine is to buy fewer products and stick to the necessities. Audit all of your cosmetics and beauty supplies.

All of these tips can help any beauty queen recover from an expensive and overly time-consuming beauty routine. But above all, recognizing that you don’t need ALL of these products and tools to look radiant will make the greatest change. Get outside your comfort zone and learn to be confident showing the world your more natural side on a daily basis. Then reserve your most glam look for special occasions like a date, work event or night out on the town with friends.


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