Saying Goodbye to Your Old Ride: When Is it Time to Sell Your Junk Car in California

Like many people, you might have a car sitting in the garage, slowly gathering dust and cluttered with old fast food wrappers, clothes, and other garbage. Here we’ll look at how to sell your car in LA so that you can get some cash for your scrap. Many services are available for selling cars or junkyards that will be bought for free.

What is a Junk Car?

A junk car is a vehicle that is no longer operable. It’s usually damaged or rusty and needs the parts removed. If you can’t drive your car, chances are that you don’t want to continue owning it. Most people will look for a good junkyard to sell their cars. Finding a place that offers cash for junk cars is one of the most sought-after attributes. It’s also important to find a junkyard that is close to your area. Many good ones provide car money in all areas, so finding one close is important for convenience.

Find Your Junk Car’s Value

Before you sell your car, you first need to determine what its fair market value is. You can get car information online, like make and model and mileage. This information gives you a good idea of what your junk car is worth. You can also consult local professionals. They may hold some information.


They can give you an idea of how much your junkyard can pay to recover all the features from your vehicle. There are many places where you can go online to get an idea of what your car is worth, but it’s always best to look at a few different places. It will allow you to compare your options and determine what your car can fetch if sold.

Remove All Personal Items

If you have any personal items in your vehicle that you don’t want to lose or anything difficult to remove and needs specialized equipment, this is the time to store them or get rid of them. Likewise, if you have valuables and expensive objectives, you better take them away.

Remove Valuable Accessories

Removing any accessories worth a lot of money is also a good idea. Remove the stereo, speakers, gauges, and other electronics like GPS and radios. These items usually sell for more than a car with all the same parts, so if you have something worth selling, get it out of your car and into a safe place. The more you can remove from your vehicle, the easier to decide what you can use on another car.


Complete the Sale and Any Necessary Paperwork

After your car is clear of all the items you want to keep, you can call the junkyard where you plan to sell your car. The price of junk cars in California is determined by weight, so weighing your vehicle is important. You will be able to get an idea of the minimum payment, and if they are willing to consider your vehicle, they will assign you a higher value.

You may also have to deliver the car or pay a pick-up fee. If you don’t have one, check with the DMV and see your options. It’s good to remember that sometimes even if your car does not run or is damaged, some states may still require a title.

Bottom Line

Selling a junk car sounds daunting, but it can be pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Before you sell your car, it’s important to check on regulations in your state to ensure that you abide by the correct rules. If you have questions about what has to be done with a used vehicle, contact an expert who can answer any questions you might have.

It’s also good that you check different junkyards in your area to get an idea of what they are willing to pay for vehicles. Knowing this information can help you secure the best deal for your junk car. Ensure you get what you’re entitled to, or deal with the consequences.

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