Sell DVC Points Online With These Helpful Tips

If you have outgrown the Disney Vacation Club magic (and trust us, it happens!), then don’t just stow away your membership on the back burner. After all, it is not something that you spend lightly on, so getting something out of it is the ideal way to go.

This article aims to provide you with basic information should you decide to sell DVC points that you have in your contract while also giving you useful tips on how to sell them effectively.

Sell DVC Points: What Does It Mean?

There are usually two methods to sell your DVC points online.

Instant Sale

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If you need a guaranteed sale and money immediately, go with an instant sale. The way this works is that a company that specializes in reselling DVC memberships, such as DVC Resale Experts, will be the one to buy the membership straight from you. Guaranteeing an instant return of your money with no waiting time as compared to;

Requesting For A Listing

If you want to market your contract, be prepared to wait a while before it sells; nevertheless, if a buyer buys it immediately, congrats!

However, you will typically have to wait before receiving the money from the resale. The benefit is that you’re certain to receive the best deal in exchange for your membership.

Sell DVC Points With These Considerations

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Decide If You Want To Sell Your Points Permanently

Think very carefully if selling your DVC points is something you truly want. Consider factors such as wanting to visit the resorts again in the future or keeping your membership, as it is also a form of investment.

Finally, if you have come to the decision that you want to sell your DVC points, and the contract along with them, then a resale is the most viable option.

Determine If You Want an Instant Sale Or Request For A Listing

With these two terms already differentiated early on in this article, you now have an idea of your options when selling your DVC points. Now it boils down to your personal preference and needs.

Either way, you will be getting a form of return on investment regardless of whichever method you go with.

Legitimate Way Of Selling DVC Points

It can be tempting to just sell your DVC contract to family and friends because this is undoubtedly a faster option. However, you would want to ensure that the transaction will be honored by Disney Vacation Club itself, so it is still better to undergo the proper process.

Doing so means that you can avoid conflicts in the future and that you will be turning over your points and contract the right way.

Trust Only The Licensed Brokers

Simply listing your DVC points up for sale online can be done in just a few clicks- so why even bother with seeking the expert help, right?

Well, that’s often where the misconception lies because choosing to work with resale professionals such as companies like DVC Resale Experts is the best decision you can ever make regarding your DVC membership.

This is because you will be guaranteed a stress-free transaction as well as professional guidance while the turnover is being processed.


If you opt to register your DVC membership for an instant sale, selling it is a terrific method to make rapid cash. Otherwise, a listing request is often the best way to go when you want the best possible return on your investment.

Choose depending on your situation and preference. Along the way- get ready to relive some of your best memories of vacationing in the magical resorts of the family-favorite club.

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