Seven Simple, Time-Saving Cleaning Tips For Every Home


How many times did you panic because you didn’t have enough time to clean your home? The guests are arriving soon, maybe your mom is coming to visit (inspect?) and you want to create the illusion of an adult, or the other obligations are lining up and waiting for you to finish your cleaning chores. Or maybe you actually have a lot of free time, but why waste it on cleaning when you can do the fun stuff instead? Either way, we at Helpling – SG are coming to aid. Forget the long hours of cleaning by contacting us (so we can do the dirty work for you – literally) or by using these simple tips that will save you a lot of time. Pay attention now so you won’t have to spend the whole weekend doing things you don’t want to do. Enjoy!

  1. Do not clean your windows on a sunny day

Warm, sunny days are to be avoided when it comes to cleaning your windows. It is very simple – the heat will cause your cleaner to dry before you manage to wipe it away. This means streaks, so you will have to start over. Anyway, don’t make us persuade you anymore that you should use the sunny days for more pleasant activities. Go out and have fun!

  1. Dishwasher can manage it

You can and should scrape the food scraps into the garbage, but bothering with hand-washing and even rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is really just a waste of time. This doesn’t make your dishes any cleaner, so skip this part and put those dishes in the dishwasher. If you are not running it right away, you can let the dishwasher rinse them with the rinse only cycle. Don’t underestimate your dishwasher, let it do the dirty job for you – and you won’t waste any time!

  1. Clean the cleaners

We often forget that the cleaners need cleaning, too. In fact, they need cleaning even more than other things – after all, they deal directly with the dirt. Besides from making your mops, cloths and vacuum cleaner bags last longer, cleaning them from time to time will also improve their efficiency – when the cloths and mops are dirty and the vacuum cleaner bags are full, you should not expect them to pick up or remove dirt properly. So, yes, clean your cleaning tools but also replace them when they are – beyond repair. As for making your cleaning process easier than before, you may find the best pet hair vacuum for remove pet hair and hard floors cleaning.

  1. Follow the “top to bottom” rule

You finished vacuuming your floors, moved on to dusting your shelves and the ceiling fan… And then you realize that you have to get the vacuum cleaner out once again since the dust and dirt fell all over your clean floor. Sounds familiar to you? Another simple solution – just follow the “top to bottom” rule and these troubles are history. So, start with dusting your shelves, ceiling fans, TV, tables and work your way down to the floor. Simple as that!  If you are still confused or afraid to do the job, contact and use simplymaids sydney and they can solve your problem professionally.


  1. Turn off your phone or put a safe distance between you

A decade or two before, this list would look a lot different and this advice would be unnecessary. Well, we are not in those times, so hide your phone or turn it off. Cleaning can take twice as long or more if you keep checking your phone for Facebook, Instagram or even if you just take those phone calls that are not of crucial importance at that moment. The world and chatting can wait, you are busy making your home a healthier and prettier place to be. The same rule applies to your computer and TV.

  1. Let the tile cleaner sit for a few minutes before you start scrubbing

Patience is a virtue, indeed. It also saves you some time and effort, too. Apply the tile cleaner to the desired area – and go do some other stuff while you wait (a few minutes). If you do so, the tile cleaner will do the job properly and will soften and dissolve soap scum and stains, resulting in less scrubbing. The tiles will be cleaner and prettier – and your hands will be thankful. Why do this the hard way?

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Bonus tip: baking soda and vinegar can do the job instead of the commercial tile cleaners. They are even better at cleaning than the usual cleaners and will probably save you some money, too. Try using them and you won’t regret!

  1. Carry your cleaning supplies in an apron

How much time did you waste on running back and forth to get your cleaning tools or detergents? Almost every room and surface needs a different tool or at least a different substance to be cleaned with. You run to get something from a bucket in your bathroom, then you reach for your rubber gloves – and you lose so much time on this. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Get that combat gear on and let’s get finished with cleaning in no time! First, produce your rapier – I mean your apron, fill it with all the things that you will need (next time, when we make a list of 8 timesaving tips, planning will be number eight) and defeat all of your dirty enemies. Need to clean some dust? In your apron’s left pocket there is a cloth for dusting. Do you need to clean the sink in the bathroom? The sponge and the detergent await you in your apron’s right pocket. This will save you so much time and will make your cleaning run smoothly. Plus, you will look like a badass superhero. After you’ve finished, enjoy your reflection in the spotless mirror – wiped by the cloth from your apron’s pocket!


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