Soft-serve Ice Cream Machines Don’t Make Just Any Regular Ice Cream!


Americans have a sweet tooth, and there is no point denying this. The rich varieties of popular treats and sweets reveal it all. Going by that, it’s easy to assume you can be an ice cream fan. After all, this famous dessert is too irresistible for its flavor, color, texture, and chill. And those who love soft serve don’t need anything else to satiate their palate. If you suffer from midnight ice cream cravings, which sometimes go unattended due to accessibility issues, it’s better to find a solution. How about buying an ice maker? Whether your old machine has conked or you have yet to use one, new soft-serve ice cream machines can brighten up your kitchen chores by allowing you to concoct various homemade treats and sweets, such as soft-serve ice creams, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

Manual ice cream makers can give you a nostalgic feel, but they can quickly make your enthusiasm fizzle out as they demand lots of labor. Automated or electric appliances are different. They handle churning and freezing parts once you add your desired liquid concoction. Your frozen treat will be ready in a few minutes. Are you a soft-serve ice cream fan? In that case, you will need machines that specialize in this. Firmer ice creams use different types of appliances. For the choice of electric soft-serve ice cream units, you can check The Homey Space evaluation. You can read about best-rated machines, their pros and cons, functions and settings, style, etc.


If you enjoy cooking or like to call yourself a home chef, a soft-serve ice cream maker will soon become another creative outlet helping you develop different splendid flavors. Start with simple recipes as a beginner or graduate to complex textures and tastes to add another feather to your cooking hat. You can entertain your guests with unique desserts that may not be available at a local soft-serve parlor or grocery store. It’s possible to achieve this because you remain in charge of all the ingredients. Hence, your scope of experimentation with frozen treats and their taste profiles becomes enhanced. When you visit the review site, you will realize these specialists come in various sizes and settings at different prices, from USD 21 to 500. According to experts, one should select anything based on a combination of factors for the right pick.

Deciding Factors for Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers

While all of them do the same job, their ice cream-making abilities differ based on their mode of operation, process, unit size, capacity, and settings. As hinted, electric models work on auto-mode after you add the mixture and push the buttons. Conversely, manual units require your help with mixing and freezing. They can have a hand crank for you to move to mix the contents. These basic types are only advisable if you specialize in ice cream making.

Furthermore, electric units can be of two types: freezer bowl and compressor. If you opt for the first option, keep your freezer bowl in the freezer for 24 hours before preparing your treat. This extra step increases your processing time. With compressor models, your number of tasks is less. It eliminates the need to keep the bowl in the freeze before starting. Hence, you can expect these units to be expensive, too.

Soft-serve ice cream makers come in different capacities, indicating their ability to produce a certain amount of batches. You can decide fast if you know how many people frequently eat soft-serve ice creams at home. Check reviews discussing specific unit’s capacity as quarts. As for machine size, ice cream makers will occupy your storage or counter space. So, choose one that is easy to accommodate. Even knowing about weight is crucial, especially if you plan to store it in a pantry or cabinet. A heavy machine will be challenging to move every time.

Another consideration can be programs or settings for making ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato, etc. The food experts suggest anything with fewer settings can be preferable. The outcome depends on the base you prepare and the unit’s freezing talent. Amid this, please remember to factor in ease of cleaning also. Dishwasher-safe parts or those getting quickly cleaned will suit your busy schedules more.

The Need for a Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker for Soft-Serve Desserts and Treats

Some often wonder why these machines are necessary to buy. If you want to make your ice cream from scratch and soft, you can rely only on specialty machines. Fundamentally, firmer and soft-serve ice creams can have many similarities. But their proportions are unique. For instance, soft serve ice creams are served at -6 °C to 8°C, while regular ones are at 14°C. If you like soft Italian gelatos, their serving temperature tends to be -10 °C to 11°C. Soft serve machines also work with ingredients lower in fat, about 4-7%. High or lower fat content than this can spoil the light feel of the soft-serve that you admire the most.

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If you look at the proportion of milk solids, soft-serve sweets with 4% fat need 14% non-fat milk solids. You follow this measure to avoid crystal problems. Some like to use about 36% of fat and non-fat solids. With more solids, you can achieve better overrun with desired consistency. 30-60% of overrun is OK.


Quick Facts About Soft-Serve Ice Creams

Classic soft-serve ice creams have been accessible in the US since the late 1930s. However, one still needs to figure out the specific year or time when the first batch of soft-serve ice creams was made. But personalities like Margaret Thatcher (erstwhile UK PM) and Greek-American businessman Tom Carvel get the credit for innovation. Nevertheless, the real game changer for the soft-serve ice cream’s taste and texture is the air content, which ranges from 30-60%. Unlike the hard scoops, the soft-serve ice creams need this much air content for their desired fluffiness and minimal crystallization.

If you want to enjoy your favorite ice cream’s rich flavors and light texture, a soft-serve ice cream maker can help. You can go on an adventure with your recipes using a reliable home appliance like this.

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