Out of Space-No Problem-Double-Duty Furniture You Need for Storage & Comfort

Out of Space-No Problem-Double-Duty Furniture You Need for Storage & Comfort

Arguably one of the best seasons is about to be upon us and that means that the holidays are soon to follow. Unless you have a mansion, you are probably already panicking about where everyone will sit and how you will realistically host everyone in the family while keeping your home as organized and functional as possible.

Well, there is a solution and it is one you have likely never even considered – double-duty furniture. There are many options when it comes to double-duty furniture and these options are quite fancy and fashionable too.

Below we will introduce you to some double-duty furniture ideas and we think these pieces of furniture will have you smiling from ear to ear. If you have a studio apartment and need more ideas to make your studio feel more spacious utilize these ideas for double-duty furniture and check out the article here for more tips.

Storage Bench

A storage bench as an entryway piece is a wonderful way to use furniture for two purposes. Not only can you sit on the bench and provide additional seating, but the bench is also able to open and keep some of your items inside.

What you do store inside is up to you, but many people enjoy placing additional blankets or throws inside. Sometimes, you can choose a storage bench with a shelf on the bottom that allows you to store shoes too.

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is a classic in the home of individuals who host a lot of company. The sofa works as a place to sit during the day and it brings your living room together at the same time.

Come nighttime, simply open the sofa and there is a place to sleep. One of the nice things about the sleeper sofa is that the mattress always stays inside of the sofa and is ready to use the moment you open it up.

Dresser Used as a Nightstand

If you are short on space, don’t think that you need to have both a dresser and a nightstand. In fact, your dresser can operate as your nightstand as well. Simply keep your clothes and items inside of your dresser and place your lamp, book, and mug on the top.

Sleeper Chair

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Not everyone can house a sleeper sofa in their home and if you need something smaller but just as functional, consider a sleeper chair. This sleeper chair is often oversized and a bit smaller than a loveseat.

The chair opens into a bed just like the sleeper sofa but on a smaller scale. The mattress can comfortably hold one adult or two to three small children.

Storage Ottoman

Just like a storage bench, a storage ottoman allows everyone to remain comfortable with their feet propped up and your items hidden inside. You can store anything you like inside of the ottoman with the most popular items being extra pillows and blankets for the couch.

Double-Duty Furniture is the Perfect Solution

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is extremely useful in the home and can provide you with extra space to store items, especially when you have company coming over.

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