Spirituality vs. Religion: The Fundamental Differences

Since the very beginning of time, spirituality and religion have been around; it’s almost impossible to backtrack when either concept emerged in history accurately. 

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But with that said, religion and spirituality seem to be pretty similar, as they both encourage us to seek out a divine entity and live life with a humble and kind outlook. However, even though one can be both religious and spiritual at the same time, these are also two different paths. Here’s how they differ.

Spirituality Lacks Rules

Spirituality does not have any rules, while religion always tends to have a ton. For example, Christians live by the ten commandments, while all other religions are structured around do’s and don’ts that are critical. 

As a result, those who follow a religion will benefit from a self-study of the faith with things like KJV bibles. Alternatively, it is also optional to join church programs and learn about the religion in-depth. On the other hand, those who follow spirituality are not required first to know any rules.

Religion Is Structured

All religions are based on structured events. You’ll find essential characters in scriptures, critical events, and important lessons. There is typically no guessing within religion, except for those searching for answers. 

There is no best way when it comes to exploring religions, it is important to keep on studying and not to believe the word of mouth. Religions are different and you must learn about each to decide which one speaks for you the most.

If you decide to learn about Christianity for example you can start by reading the Bible, navigating through the web, or going to church. If you want to keep it more organized, a youth curriculum for church can also be an option, as it will help you to stay on the path. No matter which way you choose to learn, it is important to trust relevant and authoritative sources concerning religions.

But when it comes to being spiritual, there is no structure. There are no guidelines for being spiritual because spirituality is a way of being discovered through things like spiritual meditations, self-realizations, and self-improvement.

Religion Guides You, Spirituality Is Discovered

Religion already has everything set out, while spirituality is something that each individual must journey to discover on their own. 

The church or religious organization you are part of will guide you through everything, from start to end. But being spiritual is often considered a path to self-discovery, and no one can genuinely help you get there except yourself. 

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Spirituality Unites

The one major downfall of religion is that it tends to cause great division, which has been the case throughout history. Different religions tend to feel unaccepting of one another, and many wars have taken place in the name of faith throughout the ages. 

While religion divides us, spirituality serves to unite us, as it is centered entirely around love.

Karma vs. Punishment

In spirituality, individuals are aware of the impacts of karma; doing wrong to others will cause bad to happen to you. And even though the concept of karma is suggested in religion as well, as most religions encourage us to be kind to our neighbors and “do unto others as you would have done unto you,” faith does enforce punishment for doing wrong. 

There are consequences within a religion that are almost uncontrollable, while spirituality and karma can be controlled with your own decisions and actions. 

Spirituality can help us find peace and calm within our lives through practices such as meditation and others. Religion offers its benefits, and while both are lifestyles, both religion and spirituality can transform your life positively. To decide which of the two is right for you, you should consider your ideals and upbringing and do some homework to determine best. 

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